Item of the week 09/05/11

Another world rocking bag. It looks great online but face to face it truly is a joy to behold. The visual delight of the straw laid over the printed fabric is just pleasurous.

NB- I thought I’d just invented a new word. I google it and find that Willow Smith got there first. I may never use it again.


5 Comments on “Item of the week 09/05/11”

  1. It’s cute…never seen anything like it before.

  2. Domzy says:

    I have the version Ted Baker did of this bag a couple of summers ago and they’re really great! Mine’s almost exactly the same but the same but the trim and lining are navy blue instead of floral. You’re right though, they look much better in person.

  3. Madame says:

    Haha…(re Willow Smith!!!!)

  4. lastchance3 says:

    Love love love! I know this is late, but that is gorgeous.

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