The Trinity

Are bright trousers the ultimate fat fashion sin?  They must be because otherwise why are they so flipping hard to find? I’ve been trawling the internets and have only been able to find three pairs of decent trews that don’t fit the standard fat trouser palette of black, brown, grey or olive- and one pair only goes up to a size 22 so are no good for me. Where are the rest? Calling all bright trousers in a size 24- come out, come out wherever you are.

Left- £30, ASOS

Centre- £30, ASOS

Right- £29.50, Dorothy Perkins


6 Comments on “The Trinity”

  1. i do not wear trousers in general, but here in milan i’m seing lots of those bright pants, and i’d love to try some one day or another! but i have to say the only one i’ve found in my XL size are beige, not so cool, i have to say….

  2. Check out the osp fashion show collection, There are a few bright colored trousers there. I have the green wide legs. I love em.

  3. Julyssa says:


    Omg, I was just minding my own business here on the net, trying to find some nice cheap clothes and BAM I find your blog. I must say that it’s very inspirational! Keep up the good work!

    About the pants, I’m thankful that I live in Sweden. Here in some of the online clothing stores (such as it is possible to find colourful pants in big sizes. I myself own 4 pair of them, sadly 2 of them don’t fit me that well because the size say one thing but then it’s another. The woes of shopping online right? Well I hope you find some colourful pants! Now that it’s spring it’s so fun to wear them!

  4. bonkasaurus says:

    I love how you wear bright colors and are not afraid to stand out. Too many times i see gorgeous women with curves that are wearing all black because its slimming and stay within the neutral color scheme its dissapointing.


    check out my blog it’s kind of similar

  5. […] previously posted, I love bright coloured trousers though they seem to be a rarity above a size 20. I’m on […]

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