Me (frowning at glittering bit of diamante on niece’s wrist and cocking head to one side): What is that?

Niece: A piercing

Me: A what?!

Niece (in bored tone): A piercing

Me: (flipping wrist over as I assumed it went through to the other side. Don’t laff) Are you serious? How does it stay in?

Niece (still bored): Theres a bit under the skin that holds it in place.

Me: (totally alarmed) But aren’t you afraid it’s going to sink into your arm, travel through your body, block an artery and kill you instantly?

Ok- so I didn’t actually say that last comment to her but I certainly thought it. What I actually said was a comparatively undramatic, “oh”.

I’ve seen much more extreme piercing and body modifications before so I wasn’t so much surprised by the actual thing itself as I was that my niece just didn’t seem like a likely candidate to have a procedure like this done, but hey- what do I know? Shes growing into her own person and I’m sure she has a hundred more surprises in store for us. Is this type of piercing high fashion now or is it still the preserve of the alternative few? I am CLEARLY out of touch with what teenagers do to themselves these days so if you are as unknowing as me, just google “dermal piercing” and have your mind boggled.


This is not my niece. I was too perplexed to even reach for my camera. Image borrowed from tritownink.com

PS- Happy new year!




12 Comments on “Enlightenment”

  1. Sonya says:

    Hahaha, they’ve been around for a while! Apparently surface piercings are usually just ‘play’ piercings, because usually the body rejects them. But I know some people who have had them for ages and they’ve been fine (one between the breasts on the chest, and one had one at the back of the neck).

    • Deena says:

      I’ve seen the ones at the back of the neck before along with breast ones too. Mentally I can handle those (!) as there is an entry and exit point but what got me about this particular one was that there was no exit point- hence the fear of it getting lost in the body!

  2. Jen says:

    Love piercings… I had exactly the same piercing when I was 17… Which was over a decade ago… This realisation makes me feel a little faint.

    • ChellBellz says:

      Its funny I had a ton of piercings and now I cringe at the thought of getting anything pierced again. I’m scared to think of it. Ugh I can’t think i actually got my tongue pierced.

  3. My friend has what she calls a “dermal piercing” like the one pictured above. It took me by surprise the first time I saw it, too. I just didn’t realize those kinds of piercings existed! Her’s keeps getting irritated and has red skin around it. Hopefully your niece’s will fare better!

  4. Michelle says:

    That looks painful! I have seen them on the face but not on the body like that! ouch. http://fatasticlife.blogspot.com/

  5. Michelle says:

    I have never seen a piercing on the body like that and im from LA! it looks painful. http://fatasticlife.blogspot.com/

  6. lifestartsnow says:

    oh yikes. seems like i am out of touch too. why would anyone want that? and how the heck is it out in and taken out???

  7. Christina B says:

    Reading this had me laughing so hard, I could just imagine the scenario! I knew about the piercings and I personally find them disgusting and creepy. Someone I know have one placed right at the middle of her throat, creepy. I myself stick to the orignal ‘all the way throught’ piercings! :p

    Christina B, Denmark.

  8. MaryBeth says:

    ok… now I’m 18yrs old and I even think that it’s a bit much to have peircings like that.

  9. Dina says:

    My friend has quite a few of them on his stomach. They’re called microdermals.

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