The Joy of Spex

Online shopping can be so fun and convenient at times and a complete pain in the hindquarters at others. My Dior spex that I went on about a few weeks ago, that I could hardly wait to get my mitts on, never arrived. NEVER ARRIVED. I ordered them on October 29th. Today is December 12th and I cancelled. have kept me updated weekly and I’ve been more patient than I would be otherwise because I wanted them so badly, but now I’m just fed up. There has been a problem with the distributor, blah, blah, blah. PEEVED. HUMPH. NOT impressed.

So I went back to my old faithful Specsavers, took advantage of their two for one deal and got these…

They look exactly the same colour in the photo but the pair on the left are a brown tortoiseshell look and the other pair are black. I like them but they’re not my beloved Dior 3197’s. They’ll do I guess.

My brother asked me if they’re my Tinie Tempah glasses. I just growled. Not a T.T fan.


4 Comments on “The Joy of Spex”

  1. marthamills says:

    GAH! I’ve been looking for glasses like that for ages! I’m getting new ones soon, and the ones I’ve seen so far aren’t as “deep” as those. What model are they?

  2. Sorry doll. If it’s any consolation, I ordered a christmas present for my boyfriend more than a month ago and it never came. I called them and they didn’t care!

  3. oh and I’m really into TT either.

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