Have You Seen…….

….The Museum of Fat Love? I found it today while browsing one of my favourite blogs, Dammit I’m Mad! It appears to be in response to that much talked about Marie Claire article that I was too peeved to even blog about, because lets face it, if I stopped to comment on every outrageously ignorant comment against fat people I’d wear the print off my fingertips. The archive might pre-date that article, I’m not sure. Either way there are some beautiful photos and great stories that are enough to melt even the stoniest coldest fat hating heart.

Image borrowed from The Museum of Fat Love


4 Comments on “Have You Seen…….”

  1. Nicole says:

    The MoFL definitely predates the Marie Claire debacle but I think Lesley was inspired to resurrect it in spite of it!

    I love that people are willing to share their pictures and stories!

  2. I really enjoy the MoFL. It gives me hope that one day my “prince charming” will come :). Heck, I’d be happy with a guy who can manage to not discuss sex for 5 minutes!

  3. […] the museum of fat love at fat girls like nice clothes, […]

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