Autumn Gift Fairies

The gift fairies have visted me once more and left me with this coat from ASOS.

To be entirely honest with you readers, I really wasn’t stirred by the initial photo that I saw of it (not the one on the website) but thought I’d try it anyhow because well- you never know. Thank goodness I gave it a chance because it is now destined to be worn to death by me this autumn as it looks 100 times better in the flesh- so to speak- than it does in any photo.

The only thing is that my coat is a size 26 and I wear a size 28 in coats as I’m top heavy so its too tight at the bust. I can do it up but would have to be mindful of what I wear underneath as its definitely not something I can fit a winter knit under. The shape is great and I really like the lacing at the back along with the asymetric hem and flared skirt, which make me feel ever so slightly steampunk. In conclusion- approved.

I have two more pieces from ASOS to trial so I’ll do that over the coming week.


13 Comments on “Autumn Gift Fairies”

  1. Gigi says:

    Very unique coat. I love the back, the lace up design is great.

  2. Danielle says:

    I really like the hem and the back.

  3. Oooh, I love the lacing!

  4. jeannette says:

    i got the same coat in peach! can’t wait to model it, too. think it looks so snazzy with the corset in the back!

  5. GIULIANA says:

    Great coat and it looks great on! Not really my style….i do not own any coats only jackets which i find more flattering.
    Beth Ditto is a great “Role Model” for young girls all over the land and her New collection looks “Good” but again not my style! Which really is a shame! Bring on Marc Jacobs plus -size but will “Bigger” girls purchase his designs…i don’t think so!! Rogers+Rogers opened it’s Plaza store and it closed down because big girls just were not shopping!! New Look is now ridding themselves of their Inspire range, so all i have is Evans which is still very “Frumpy” and the designs are still “Tent Like” the shoes are soooo wide it’s maddening……I do not wear EE or EEE fitting shoes?? I own a couple of “Simply Be” tops but everything i order is so disappointing, too long and tent like! I love Dorothy Perkins but find it very hard to get to the 16+ sizes as these sell so fast because they only ever have one of each size but will always have loads of 10’s and 12’s. I will always live in hope that things will improve seeing as it is “2010”………

    • Deena says:

      I didn’t realise New Look were losing the Inspire range. I’ve noticed that its not been particularly “inspiring” for some time now but I didn’t realise they were preparing to cancel it altogether. Sad news. Do big girls shop? Hell yeh we do but I think the main problem as you’ve pointed out is much of the clothing available for us to shop for is tent shaped. Unfortunately there are still retailers who think we only want loose unstructured clothing and are reluctant to offer us anything else. Rogers and Rogers have never been leaders in fashion so I’m personally not surprised their shop closed down. New Look have the knowhow and the funds to create a fantastic range that we want to wear but they seem to lack the passion to do this.
      EEE shoes rule! I’m biased though as I have the widest feet in the world. Evans have started to offer more styles in an E fitting so it looks like there are more of you slim footed fatties out there than they initially thought 🙂 *smiles*

      • GIULIANA says:

        Thanks Deena! I won’t go on maoning but just to point out that Rogers+Rogers range was really cool but that was years ago well before Matalan bought the range. The line was started by the designer Jefferey Rogers, Wife but she went bankrupt so she stood no chance of getting on her feet the ladies just were not shopping!I love shopping and could win an Oscar in the style stakes, i can proudly claim that i have even modelled for a Fashion Uni student which gave her a Pass grade.

  6. Tina says:

    I like your outfit! 🙂 Especially your shoes! I’m in-love with them!

  7. I was looking for a nice and fancy outfit for this autumn. I’ve spent literally tens of hours searching on the net and in stores for that ‘perfect’ clothing. That until I found this post…it was a real blessing. I am amazed by this coat…it’s GORGEOUS and absolutely perfect for the autumn. Thanks very much!

  8. Vanessa says:

    This coat is so gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like it!

  9. Geli says:

    i looooooooove your coat!!!!!!!! 😀

    you’re gorgeous! 😀

  10. R says:

    i can’t believe you’ve been doing this for so long, and i just found you! well, better late than never! you’re amazing 🙂

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