New Season Swagger

Farewell summer. It was nice knowing you but YAY to autumn! I’m a through and through summer soul, I love the sunshine on my bare arms, I love walking around in my shades and I love the long days. The only downside is that I wilt like a weed pretty quickly and while I may bounce out of the front door in the mornings, I shuffle back in the evening a hot flustered heap. The cooler weather is much kinder to me and I get to strut all day long which I just can’t do when its hot. These boots I bought a few weeks ago are perfect for strutting and unconsciously put a certain swagger in my step. You should see me, I treat every road like it’s a catwalk- it’s either the power of the booties or the animal power in of the big cat tights.

Boots from Evans

Tights from New Look last year


5 Comments on “New Season Swagger”

  1. Silje says:

    I’ve seen these at Evans, but didn’t think they were anything special. But seeing them on really changed how I feel about them. They look great 🙂 (The tights too.)

  2. Fandorina says:

    Gorgeous, as usual ! I’ve seen these boots on evans but I still hesitate to buy them, are they comfortable ? And what is their high ? Sorry for bad english, I’m french 🙂

    • Deena says:

      Hi Fandorina- the boots are VERY comfortable. The sizing is very generous so you may find you need to add an insole (this is what I’ve done) or buy a size smaller. The heel height is around 45mm. I can spend all day walking in these without my feet aching after a few hours. Your English is better than my french 🙂

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