Beth on the way!

I know I’ve been neglecting you all my little button mushrooms- its not deliberate and I will be back soon I promise. However- I just had to let you all know (if you’re not already aware) that BETH DITTO IS COMING!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about it all! The range is available online in THREE DAYS and hits real life stores on September 23rd. I am chomping at the bit to try this new collection on and am not even sure I can wait three whole days………


7 Comments on “Beth on the way!”

  1. Curvy Katie says:

    I booked a trip to London and i arrive on the 23 rd at night! If everyone in london is half as excited as me then i hope there will be things left on Friday! Haha yay!

  2. Ruby says:

    Thats great news.
    Even greater you are back I was wondering where you had got to as I was missing your updates and was starting to get worried.
    Looking forward to the new collection and your posts.


  3. Gio gio says:

    hi new to your site like to join and get updates love shopping via internet at evans, cant wait for Beth Dittos new collection. xoxo

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  5. GIULIANA says:

    I found out @ the last minute about the launch @ Selfridges….very disappointed. I was even unaware of Evans @ Marble Arch launching her new range, if i had i would have booked A/L in advance! Beth Ditto is great and really “Out There” which i love!!

  6. Sam Brookes says:

    Hi again!! I was right there with you in the domino dress when the first range hit the store but went searching for it on Saturday and couldn’t find it! Which birmingham stores are stocking the range?xx

    • Deena says:

      Hello again! Unfortunately the range isn’t being carried by any Evans stores in Brum. The closest store carrying the range is in Manchester- MANCHESTER for goodness sake. The entire Midlands region has been totally missed out and I am VERY disappointed and have had a bit of a moan at Evans about it.

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