Item of the week- 19/07/10

The weathers gone slightly crap again but I’m sure there’s enough sunshine left to be wrung out of the season to make this bobby dazzler look all the more- well- dazzling. Its bright, its bold, its beautiful and unfortunately it’s also £266. My ginger ale salary won’t afford me this champagne delight but its good to dream in technicolour.

Anna Scholz, £266


8 Comments on “Item of the week- 19/07/10”

  1. Annissa says:

    I love that dress, oh my goodness. Someday I will have millions and my wardrobe will be filled with dresses like this!

  2. I love this dress it is HOT…Love the colours,shape…… everything!

  3. a says:

    shame about the price cause it is a beaut! x

  4. The dress is GORGEOUS! Even though the price tag isn’t that attractive, I think I’ll buy it! If the weather won’t allow me to wear it this summer, the next summer I’ll definitely wear it. It so beautiful! I absolutely LOVE it! Many thanks for sharing. I really needed a dress because all my wardrobe is quite out dated…

  5. I love, love, love the pattern to this dress. Beautiful…

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