Ruby Tuesday

Ain’t nothing like a good dress and the brand spanking new Ruby Belle collection from Evans is punching all my frock loving buttons. The 50’s Americana inspired dresses scream summer and are perfect for walking along the seafront eating ice cream, and acting like you don’t have a care in the world. Since seeing the range I can’t get the song,  Summer Nights from the film Grease out of my head, and I may even have to search it out on You Tube in an attempt to exorcise it from brain and hope it doesn’t make a bad situation worse.

Dresses  available online and at selected Evans stores.


11 Comments on “Ruby Tuesday”

  1. Sarah says:

    Beautiful dresses, I can’t wait to get my hands on one , if only the sunshine would stay long enough for me to even feel like sorting out my summer wear.
    Thank you as always for the inspiration x

    • Deena says:

      Its been gorrrrrrrgeous up these sides (Brum) for the past few days so I’m feeling optimistic about summer for a change. It just might be a good one!

  2. Clairelicious says:

    I love these dresses and have been waiting for them to arrive for months.

    Imagine my dissappointment when they went online last week and I find out that they only run to a size 28! Ah well, they’re still very pretty all the same.

    • Deena says:

      I don’t know what size you wear but I tried on a size 26 dress yesterday and it fit fine so maybe they are running a little big. I usually have to wear a size 28 dress. It might be worth trying. Its a shame they don’t cover the full usual Evans size range though.

  3. NikStar says:

    These really are beautiful dresses. I looooove walking along the shoreline. hmm now I have ideas!!! 🙂

  4. Tory says:

    Hey lady,

    Just wanted to say loving your work – in fact, just linked to if on my own blog. This new Evans line is beautiful – hurrah, space for my chest in a Summer dress!

    Thanks for representing us curvy girls, you’ve deffo been added to my blogroll!


  5. furcoat says:

    Absolutely beautiful collection! Especially that flamingo print… Wonder if I have time to get to Evans before my Vegas trip??

  6. Sarah says:

    Such a stunning collection. The colors are so vibrant, will have to see where I can find one… I especially love the first style.

  7. Leslie says:

    LOVE. THOSE. DRESSES. Does Evans charge extra to ship to the states?

  8. pointandshout1 says:

    Such Beautiful Dress with nice stuff and colour ….
    I like first one, This is fit for me …….


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