New Collections, Larger Models

One of my very minor gripes about plus size fashion is that even though a retailer may offer sizes 16- 28 for example, you generally only ever see  size 16 models in  photo shoots. Being a size 26/28 I generally have to imagine how something will look on me personally rather than have a visual there to help but like I said, this is only a minor niggle not a solid complaint as the main problem is getting the larger clothes to appear in the first place.

You may remember me mentioning the collaboration between blogger Stephanie Zwicky and La Redoute a few weeks ago- well now the collection has been launched, is available online and Stephanie can be seen showing the range off beautifully. Being closer to my size and proportions than a size 16 model, I can get a better idea of what the items may look like on me. Fab.

Some of the more basic pieces on the La Redoute site don’t look too exciting as they are, so I recommend going to Le Blog de Big Beauty for styling ideas where you will see Stephanie wearing the range and looking her usual hawt self. There is a lot of denim which I like, and a superfab pair of carrot top trousers which I am not sure are actually from the Big Beauty range specifically as I seem to remember Sakina wearing a similar pair  several weeks back. Being a bit of a lazy blogger here as I’m writing this post pretty quickly and don’t really have time to look through Sakina’s blog to find that particular entry- apologies, but it was fairly recently so you won’t have to trawl back too far.  Some of the items from the French site are available to buy on the UK site but there is no reference to Stephanie so no great photos of her which is a shame.

Over on these volcanic ash shadowed shores, Yours have collaborated with TV presenter Alison Hammond to create the Alison Hammond Collection which doesn’t appear to be as much designed by her as curated by her, and once again modelled by the woman herself. The clothes themselves aren’t anything we’ve not seen before, but again, its nice to see clothing modeled by someone at the larger end of the plus size spectrum.

9 Comments on “New Collections, Larger Models”

  1. Sarah says:

    This is awesome! Being a size 20, most of plus-size models are still too skinny. They all seem to be 14-16 range – and I weigh about 80 lbs more than I did when I was a 14!

  2. Annissa says:

    I love seeing larger models! It makes it so much easier to shop because I can actually picture how something will look on me.

  3. Diana says:

    I have the same problem with the model choices, and I often have to stop and envision: “Now how would that work over my belly?” or “Is her butt at least a similar shape to mine?”

    I know the argument is that the clothing on the smaller models sells faster, but I think that’s in the process of changing in a big way.

  4. NikStar says:

    I did a shoot for Boutique Larrieux and the feedback from the clients and consumers was that they were happy to see models of all different sizes represented. I’m a 20/22 in bottoms and 18 on top and I think I represent a large portion of what women want to see modeling actual plus size clothing. I will continue pushing for larger models to be used in campaigns! 😀

  5. Liz says:

    Hiya, I think it’s brilliant that some retailers are showcasing their clothes on larger models, as I too have noticed how the fit models tend to be on the smaller side. It’s difficult to envision what something will look like on, and sometimes you see something and think ‘brilliant!’ but it doesn’t quite work on my body shape or something – I’ve found that hemlines can be too short for my comfort or that it’s a bit baggy around the top (despite having a UK 18-22 size, my chest is a B cup!).

    On a slightly unrelated aside – do you know when Stephenie Zwicky’s La Redoute range will be available on the UK website? I’m unsure whether you can buy on the French website if you’re in the UK? She mentioned in a blog post that the range should be available for other countries by now but I’ve been checking and it isn’t – at least not on the UK website 😦

  6. Liz says:

    Hi Deena, thanks!

    Also, I have seen around that apparently some of the collection won’t be available until 13th May? Not sure where that’s from because it’s not from Stephanie’s blog.

    The carrot trousers look great! I like the grey ones 🙂

  7. […] coverage from other blogs (like Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes, Too) commenting on how she more closely resembles the actual purchasers of the clothing made by those companies. Being positioned as someone whose voice counts and, possibly more importantly, whose body counts, […]

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