Wholly Converted

OK I get it now. I’ve been hearing about how fantastic Whole Foods Market is and how all the celebrities are shopping there- blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, but now I’ve actually been I understand what all the fuss is about.

I went on another expedition to London last weekend with my good friend H who was one of the fuss making people I tried hard to ignore. H kept telling me how great this place is but I really wasn’t buying it. I trust her judgement but I mean- it’s just another food place right? WRONG. First of all let me say that trying to actually get to this place was an adventure all of its own. We had no real idea where it was, we had no address apart from “London” and once we were able to pinpoint its location the closed tube stations, rail engineering works, not knowing the bus routes and the darned rain meant that Whole Foods was under additional pressure to impress me once we got there- if we ever made it.

After a long underground ride and what seemed like two hours of walking (in reality it was probably about 20- 30 mins) we fell through the doors, hungry and wet, and even through my raindrop splattered glasses my first thought was- OoooOoo! I instantly felt healthier just being there. The general atmosphere was warm, welcoming and very much “home-baked” which I know is a deliberate marketing ploy but I fell for it hook line and sinker as it all looked so- well…. wholesome.

We got there hungry enough to eat a couple of horses so went straight for the restaurant where I was once again all- OooOooOo! There was so much choice! There was at least three times as many different dishes as I’ve ever seen at any all you can eat chinese buffet and I had to lap all the selections twice before I could pick up a container and start choosing my dinner. In the end I had veggie lasagne, garlic mushrooms, fine green beans, brown rice, tofu in some kind of sauce, red onions, mash potato, red peppers and broccoli and it was DELICIOUS. The lasagne especially was dreamy and it comes highly recommended. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to peruse the actual market as it was late and we had to head home, but next time I’m in London I’ll definitely be going back- especially now I know exactly where it is.


8 Comments on “Wholly Converted”

  1. The problem is, John Mackey, the CEO and notorious jerkface of Whole Foods has an employee discount system based on BMI where the lower your BMI the more of a discount you get.


    And I can’t let my money support that.

    • Deena says:

      *three minutes later*
      I’ve just read the piece and am appalled. That is absolutely outrageous and has totally soured my opinion of Whole Foods. I had no idea. Geez. Will be delving deeper because it certainly raises more than a few issues.

  2. missM says:

    Yeah– Whole Foods, or Whole Paycheck… is sort of an evil. The BMI discount policy is terrible, and yet they do a ton to support local producers (farmers, dairy, etc). I feel like it is a catch 22. I don’t want to support them because of the BMI policy, but I love the other politics the store supports. So, I try to only shop there once and a while, and try to hit up local farmer’s markets and shops that buy food locally.

    • Deena says:

      I have gone right off Whole Foods which is a shame because I really liked what they stood for and as I’ve been trying to go organic with regards food and cosmetics I was right on board. I’ll just have to take my custom elsewhere because in a siimilar sentiment to that expressed by Miss Plumcake, I’m not about to use my hard earned money to support some BS.

  3. Vanessa says:

    It’s a shame about the whole BMI discount thing. It’s despicable, and I’d love to shop at Whole Foods, but I wouldn’t want to support that policy. I suppose I’ll stick to Trader Joe’s.

  4. I live in Austin, Texas home of John Mackey and Whole Foods. It’s like a religion here (the Whole Foods Mothership even has an ice-skating rink on the roof…in Texas.) but Mackey just keeps pulling serious jerk moves. A while ago he got in trouble for posing as someone else on the internet and spreading ugly rumors about a competitor. Real sleazeball guy. Fortunately there are other options in Austin for fresh, fair organic fruit and veg because there’s no way he’ll ever get a cent if I can help it.

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