Still Jumping For Joy

Its been around fifteen months since I first documented my love of jumpsuits and they are still high on my fashion radar- I just can’t get enough. The majority of the jumpsuits I’ve seen over a size 16 have been solid black (except that fantabulous bright blue Evans one last summer from the Beth Ditto collection) but I don’t think I’ve actually seen any with an all over pattern. Step forward Simply Be ….

Love, love, love, love, LOVE! As modelled by the gorgeous Gwyneth Harrison of Mark Fast catwalk fame. Did I mention that I love it? The jumpsuit will be available from March 29th so form an orderly queue behind me please, ladies. Thank you.

Other new items from the current collection at Simply Be

I’ve not worn a parka since my student days many years ago but they seem to have wormed their way back into my consciousness and I’ve found myself looking for one. I especially like the military badge on this one and I so hope it comes with the jacket and isn’t just “stylist’s own”. Fab shoes too.


32 Comments on “Still Jumping For Joy”

  1. Bethamint says:

    I still have my parka from my school days and it looks an awful lot like the ones that are coming out now – I’m so glad it’s fashionable again because it’s super duper comfy.

  2. Jen says:

    Love love love that first dress!!!!

  3. I just can’t see a jumpsuit looking good on a plus size body. It would take a lot of factors coming together.

    • Deena says:

      It works! I’ve tried and tested it and I wear a size 26/28. I think it all comes down to the style of the suit, you got to find one that suits your individual shape. I’ve seen several that I KNOW I would look dreadful in but if I ever buy another one I know what style suits me best.

      • Size 26!! Jesus this blog is a joke. There is a reason there are no big sizes. If I designed clothes I would not want them to be made in the huge sizes. It encourages these fat people and makes them think they are fine the way they are. You are unhealthy and likely to die at a much younger age. The NHS has to waste loads of money on fat sick people. Stop living in denial and have some pride. People in other countrys die of hunger and you stuff your face and think it’s fine. It’s not just about looks it also the fact that healthy people will never have respect for the lazy overweight. Get motivated and live life. Go climb a mountain and get some fresh air.

      • Deena says:

        Well, skinny and healthy, your ignorant comment reveals more about you than it does about me. Your hatred of “these fat people” is obvious and you’re not really commenting to invite discussion so I will leave you to it. Now excuse me while I go eat a whole cake.

      • I’ll have to see some photographs. I just can’t picture it looking well. As it stands I don’t think it looks very well on a smaller size much less a larger one.

  4. laura says:

    Please please please gimme a link to that lace dress!!! I can’t find it anywhere and I love it so!

  5. Naomi says:

    Ive also been a bit dubious about the jumpsuit/romper craze…….I wasnt thrilled by the Beth Ditto one last year, but after receiving the latest catalogue, I have my eye on this little number……..

    Again it is black, but looks super comfy….only problem is, leg length is ‘Long’ me and my 5,4 frame may struggle!!!!! Hmmmm decisions decisions!

  6. French Fancy says:

    Hello there – just saw you on Studio five live. Hurrah for you – it’s about time us big girls got a fair look in.

    Well done

    • Deena says:

      Tank ya 🙂 I didn’t actually see the piece as I didn’t know it was being aired today, but hopefully I will get to see it one way or another.

  7. Emma says:

    Deena, that is a perfect response. x. LOVE it. Cake, I mean. x.

  8. Katrin says:

    omg deena, that was just the perfect answer. I so often got angry about commentes like this, but I arrived at a point now where I just can smili about them and feel kind of pitty for people with such a closed view on the world and how it is spinning in their opinion.

  9. Bethamint says:

    Deena, you rock!
    I hope you enjoyed your cake.

  10. Jenna says:

    i want to eat a whole cake on top of a mountain YUM 😀

  11. Case says:

    I loveloveLOVE that lace dress!

    By the way, just found your blog and love it! I’ll be adding you to my blogroll. Check mine out if you get a chance!
    ❤ Case

  12. LPS says:

    What the hell is wrong with “skinny and healthy”? It’s one thing to be opinionated, but that is COMPLETELY inappropriate. If I saw her on a mountain, she would end up being thrown down it. On another note, the lace dress is gorgeous, but I am on the fringe about the jumpsuit. It looks a little like something my Grandma would wear when she’s is one of her “stylish” modes. Just my opinion!

  13. lifeonfats says:

    I’m a size 26/28 and I gotta say, skinny and healthy is ridiculous. We can’t have nice clothes because we’re too fat and unhealthy, yet at the same time, we’re also criticized for wearing tents and sweatpants because many fashion retailers refuse to design for us. So, what’s it gonna be? Oh, and when I see you on that mountain, start running because you may be the one to end up dying first!

  14. Maxine says:

    @Skinny and healthy
    You are a sad, sad person. You are full of hatred. And you are also ignorant. Being skinny is no guarantee of health – and being fat is no necessary detriment to a long life. This is a fashion blog, so your medical commentary is not welcome here. Fashion has nothing to say about people’s innards, and I don’t see why health should be a deciding criteria on who gets to be sartorial. Oh, and by the way, I am skinny, and healthy, just to dodge any ad hominem attacks upfront.

    @Deena: love your blog, and I must agree that jumpsuits are lovely. Recently scored a vintage one -it’s black, but it has a gold stripe running across the side of it, and it looks so quirky. xx Hope you liked your cake, I just came back from eating some cake mix, we just made a lemon sponge!

  15. Hailee says:

    Hey Deena

    big fan of the blog, I caught a bit of the segment you did on five it was great, don’t let the haters get you down, they just small minded, you’re awesome.


  16. Emer says:

    Love that lace dress: it’s fab. Unfortunately, at 6′ 2″, I’d have to put it with some leggings, and I think that’d ruin the lovely delicate feel of it. Pity!

    Also on the fence about jumpsuits/curvy lady situations, but I love the design. Reminds me of this dress from Torrid:

  17. Vanessa says:

    Love that lace dress!

  18. laura says:

    ouch, just seen the price of the lace dress, almost as bad as that rather rubbish post above. And as for jumpsuits, I’m just not that brave, but good on anyone who is.

  19. laura says:

    Random, has anyone managed to mix denim yet? I’m looking for a good denim dress shirt, maybe with leggings? And can we have pictures of the jumpsuits please? I’m getting curious! x

  20. ivoryjb says:

    ok, so i call me dumb but i can’t locate that incredibly awesome jumpsuit on simplybe’s website…i need it and although they don’t ship to the u.s yet, i hear rumors that they will; hence i need that damn jumpsuit!!! LOL

  21. christie says:

    ok am I totally missing it but I cant see it on their website at all??

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