Proud Curves

Talk about domino effect! The plus size editorial  has morphed into a kind of mexican wave  and shows no sign of abating. This shoot in the March issue of Pride magazine is the latest unskinny shoot to hit the newstands and model, Natalie, looks stunning. I only wish I could get my makeup that flawless and hair that perfect. Hawt!


22 Comments on “Proud Curves”

  1. Rikke says:

    She looks gorgeous! I especially love the picture of her in the striped bodystocking. Thanks for posting this 🙂

  2. Elle Woods says:

    Gorgeous. I want her entire wardrobe.

  3. lowbudgetdiva says:

    Great photo shoot. But man oh man do I wish they would stop calling curvy/plus/fat/non-model-sized women “real” women. It’s such an insult to our thinner sisters. Still, it’s a nice spread. Are there clothing credits? I could really use that striped bodysuiit!

    • Deena says:

      Yeh that irks me too, as though slimmer women aren’t really women at all. :-/

      The stripey body is from American Apparel. I can’t seem to access the AA website to post a link.

  4. She looks fantastic – and I agree the striped body pic is fab.

  5. Fandorina says:

    She is Stunning !

    • Laura James says:

      Great to see fashion using real women. You can’t deny she looks fabulous and is above and beyond the likes of Kate Moss, who are always stick thin and look drawn out.

      I hope to see plenty more photos like these.

  6. […] Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too have images from a feature in Pride magazine on a “real size” pin-up. I’m not sure how I feel about all these various labels, but real size is an odd one. Curvy works for me. […]

  7. christina says:

    aaah this is so good! she’s totally gorgeous!

  8. emma says:

    Wow wow wow. What a completely gorgeous editorial! This is a fabulous find and post! Thank you for sharing…

    (Great job on the Evans blog too!)

    Em. x.
    (I have great curves and I know how to wear them)

  9. emma says:

    Wow wow wow. What a fabulous editorial. Great find and post! This is just a stunning set of photos. x.

  10. […] Pride By Aminatou This amazing editorial via the incomparable Deena […]

  11. Angelabdc says:

    Lovely pics. I have seen similar bodystockings striped and solid colour in Sainsburys. I remember them from first time round in the 90s they are flattering and comfortable.

  12. Lisa says:

    That model is absolutely stunning! That third picture is incredible. And you’re right, her makeup/hair is totally flawless.

    A trend is sprouting and I am nothing but ecstatic!
    Thanks for the great post,


  13. Le body rayé, j’adore mais alors je suis pas trop convaincue par le legging déchiré !

  14. Marni Banks says:

    who is this diva with a fever???? x x she is so hot!! i love the last pic, you go girl!!!

  15. LaVinia says:

    Nice blog!I appreciate your topic; I really think that fashion should be more interested about the body issue than the trendy issue!

  16. Lexy says:

    she looks GORGEOUS!! that pink lipstick is fab!

    Lexy (Beautylicious Fashionista)

  17. Sarah says:

    She looks absolutely stunning and sexy too! It’s great that curves are getting more coverage in print mags. Let’s hope this becomes a regular thing, not just a trend and exception.

  18. Annika says:

    So stunning. Nice clothes, nice model!

  19. Kati says:

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