Covergirl Gabby

I’m sure Gabourey Sidibe won’t mind me getting over familiar and shortening her name like we’re bestest buds, that but I’m just happy to see her on the cover of the March issue of Ebony magazine looking downright fab and flashing that megawatt smile.

I went to see Precious recently and liked it more than I thought I would. Some parts of it even made me laugh, which I didn’t expect from a film that I knew from the start told a heart wrenching story. It was hard to watch in parts but somehow it wasn’t as harrowing as I thought it would be. I had braced myself to either cover my face with my bag or go get refreshments if it got too much for me, but I stayed with it and didn’t feel the need to watch it through my fingers though I think I closed my eyes at some parts and might even have released a little, “Eek!”

Mariah- I don’t like Mariah’s music or her look but I have a newfound respect for her because she committed herself to celluloid looking like a dowdy librarian and played her part well. Surprisingly well, showing me that she’s not all glitter and short skirts.

Monique- Just plain SCARY.

Lenny- Lenny, Lenny, Lenny, oh LENNY. Email me sometime babe


19 Comments on “Covergirl Gabby”

  1. Curvysta says:

    Is this a coincidence? I just used Ms. Gabourey in my blog. She is in this week’s people and she talks about how she learned to embrace herself and her body.
    Love her SWAGGER!

  2. disconaplondon says:

    I completely agree with your synopsis: Monique is amazing in it although playing a terrifyingly awful mum; Mariah actually looks really pretty with a makeunder. I had no idea it was Lenny Kravitz when I watched the film. Gabourey Sidibe is now one of my favourite starlets and I will be watching her intently to see what she does next. Normally I would rewatch her one film to death but I don’t think I have the energy to put myself through Precious again.

  3. lowbudgetdiva says:

    Oh my, how is it that I JUST realized that it was Lenny Kravitz as the nurse and I saw the movie like 3 months ago? HOT HOT HOT. I loved the movie, too.

  4. Frances says:

    Ha! In my head, Gabby and I are bestest friends 4eva too. She’s just too awesome.

  5. Logan says:

    How come it’s not okay to have a model/actress/singer on the cover of a magazine who’s too thin but having someone who’s mortally obese on a cover is completely alright.

    How come obese African American women are more accepted then Caucasian obese women?

    Equally being too thin and being too overweight aren’t healthy. She should lose some weight, I’m not saying she needs to be a size 5, or even 10, but why not a healthy size, like the average 14/16. Let her be a little overweight but not deathly fat! Her jean size has to be in the HIGH 20’s, her waist size has to be in the 50’s. I have an aunt who has a 47 inch waist, yes she’s VERY large but Gabby is much bigger.

    • disconaplondon says:

      My two cents on this issue is that there will always be at either end of the weight scale very thin people and very fat people and the problems start to occur when people who wouldn’t naturally fall into these categories hurt themselves trying to achieve them. I think there should be more diversity on show, not slagging off any particular woman’s build.

      I’m commenting a lot today!

    • Nicola says:

      People come in all shapes and sizes, from the very slender to those who are much bigger. Who is to say what is normal and to dictate what range of sizes are acceptable for a woman to be? It feels like in society we can’t win either way. Look at celebrity magazines, one week they’re too fat, next they’ve lost weight and they’re too skinny. Yes, there are health problems linked to both ends of the scale but it’s not for us to comment on whether a particular person is damaging their health – that’s their business only. I think seeing people of all shapes and sizes in fashion shoots is incredibly positive.

      Only bad thing about this shoot is the fact the clothes aren’t sitting in my wardrobe right now waiting to be worn 🙂

      • Curvysta says:

        Nicola, I just posted a blog on how to copy the black outfit she’s wearing. The top is actually the “Roxie”dress by Monif C. I love that she’s using it as a tunic. I myself never wear minis.

    • Deena says:

      I don’t believe that larger black women are generally more accepted within society. Within the black community maybe, but not among wider society that still views slender bodies as being more beautiful than larger ones. If Gabby was Caucasian she would still be working the talk show circuit, would still be in magazines (OK, so maybe not Ebony) and would still be garnering a lot of interest from the press in general because you don’t see many leading ladies in films that don’t fit the usual Hollywood size 2 mould.

      Theres nothing wrong with putting a thin woman on a magazine cover and I think a lot of people feel the same way. I think what people (myself included) object to is the constant message from all angles that thin is the only acceptable standard of beauty and anyone that doesn’t meet this standard isn’t worth acknowledging. That’s why I’m happy to see Gabby on magazine covers because as disconaplondon said, we need to see more diversity in fashion because not everyone is cut from the same cloth.

      You sound a little perturbed by the thought that Gabby may wear jeans in the HIGH 20’s and have a waist measurement over 50 inches and should ideally be a size 14/16. I’m a little perturbed that you’ve given Gabby’s vital statistics so much thought as I’ve certainly not stopped to consider what size clothes she might wear.

    • LPS says:

      I think people get sick of seeing EVERY person on the cover of magazines and walking down fashion runways being a size 2. The people buying the clothes and reading the articles aren’t all a size 2! We just want to be represented in these, and don’t expect each model/singer/actress to be plus size. If you look at the % of plus size people in the industry, and the numbers represented in these types of ads, you’ll see it is definitely not proportional.

      VARIETY is nice, and that’s what we want to see.

    • penthius says:

      Why does it always have to come back to weight ?
      Why can’t people just say wow she looks great on the cover , nice to see an average girl on the cover instead of a supermodel ?
      Why why why must it always come back to a weight debate ?
      I am so over it….isn’t anyone else?

  6. Shanté says:

    I first saw her from the movie and was hardly able to recognize her when I saw your post. She is absolutely fabulous, the best exemple that size is just a number.

    And I told my man Lenny to email you… but I keep him too busy 😉 lolll

  7. I loved Precious! The whole cast was absolutely fantastic and I am a little gutted that Gabby hasn’t won an award yet.

    *sigh* Lenny. Saw him in concert a while ago from very very close. He is so hot. lol

  8. sj says:

    Precious is an AMAZIN film… she looks gorgeous!! oscar babe xoxo

  9. Fat Nurse says:

    My god, she’s beautiful. I have to see Precious too, I’ve heard nothing of her or the film in the uk yet the magazine itself seems to be priced in £GBP? If anyone knows where I could get hold of that magazine or if someone could ship it my way for the cost then please, I’ve never seen that magazine in my life 😦

  10. penthius says:

    I have to add that I have yet to see her movie , but from the comments here it sounds like I am really missing something !
    and p.s. I love her in that long blue dress , she looks cheeky but absolutely stunning !

  11. Arina says:

    DFFF Gabby is adorable.

    Because she is


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