Le Blog de Big Beauty and La Redoute Collab!!!

This is too amazing for words! A blogger and retailer collaboration! I know Stephanie from Le Blog de big Beauty is a model and probably does other things too for which she is known, but I know her primarily as a blogger and I’m thoroughly giddy at the prospect of this project.  I’m not even going to write about it, I’m too stoked to go stealing pics from Stephanie’s blog- head over to Le Blog de Big Beauty and see for yourself!

OK- heres one stolen pic to tease you……. go there now!

Wha hey!


7 Comments on “Le Blog de Big Beauty and La Redoute Collab!!!”

  1. I love her. She is absolutely adorable and I am so happy for her… That is an amazing opportunity

  2. christina says:

    omg this is so epic!

    this is something i’d love to see happen more often! whether its with evans, new look, torrid, dp, or whoever, doing a blogger collaboration is such an amazing idea!


  3. Jen says:

    She is so awesome and I am sooooo happy for her! 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    So glad for her. This is great and must be super exciting!

  5. i love her, her style is incredible !

  6. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for linking to that blog! I think it’ll be a new favorite.

  7. emmme says:

    I love it! Also because Redoute always had super cute clothes, but such paltry plus size offerings, and they were always the most boring, basic pieces. I can’t wait to see how Stephanie shakes them up!

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