Your Gok needs YOU!

Applications are open until April!


2 Comments on “Your Gok needs YOU!”

  1. Jen says:

    Ooooo, thanks for the info!!!

  2. judy says:

    we wish Gok Wan would come and sort out eurotunnel for us

    The new uniform they are going to put us in doesn’t even look good on a stick person. Most of us have been there for a number of years and in one area alone we are mostly 50+ with all the problems age and gravity bring.

    The uniform is mainly stretchy lycra, young style cargo pants, teenager stlye skirts for people with small waists and no hips. The jacket is some sort of shower proof material just what women of unpredictable temperature age do not want. To top that there is the hi vis parka (the only sensible part of the uniform)

    We are customer service agents, proud of what we do and would like to look the part in smart, classic styles not like a group of Nestles knitting grannies in Virgin airline uniforms.

    Could someone somewhere help Eurotunnel to hear us. We are not being difficult we just want to look like smart middle aged women proud of our jobs and ourselves and not looking as if we have been raiding Matalan reject bins

    sorry names aren’t real but need to work!

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