Just Not Ready

How can I be ready for spring fashion when outside still looks like this?

As I stated in a post around a year ago-  I love nautical looks but the weather over these parts at the moment just make all the spring ranges look like the height of impracticability. Looking around the shops even these displays couldn’t rumble up an ounce of enthusiasm from me.



I don’t do winter very well. Some people look fabulous in their winter gear all colour coordinated and stylish- I just look like a bad Betty Suarez as everything is mismatched and the only question I ask myself when I put on my outergear is- “is this warm?” If the answer is yes, then on it goes with no thought to styling. I could do better and in fact, I might actually try to do so from this weekend by hitting the sales to look for a hat and scarf that match my electric blue leather gloves so I can stop looking like a rag doll reject.


18 Comments on “Just Not Ready”

  1. bloomie says:

    OMG I know the feeling. Add to the mix the high level of static electricity and winter hats smushing my hair, ruining my curls and making it impossible to wear hair accessories and you’ve summed up my winter feelings.

    I did however just order a fuschia coat from Dotty P in the hopes that it will enliven my winter wardrobe and encourage me to embrace winter fashion a bit more.

  2. christie says:

    I here you girl, but I hit the online shopping through boredom and it looks like I bought most of Topshops window! (Im a 16 on top so just make it into their tops and cardis) I’m a bit stuck on the bottom though as I never show my legs and am always in leggings for comfort!

  3. Jen says:

    I am the same way! While it seems like everyone else has their new Spring wardrobe by February every year, I can’t bring myself to do it until about Easter! I just want to buy things that I can wear today, you know? 🙂

  4. juliette says:

    You always look wonderful, so I think that you do winter quite well, thank you very much. That said, HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE WINTER?!? I’m not a fan of the snow, but I love winter fabrics – leather, wool, tweed – and BOOTS. Of course, I live in Northern California – some folks say that what we have is not winter.

    • Deena says:

      I looooooooooove the sun. Not too much sun though. Enough sun to make me go to work in a tee and flip flops but not so much sun that by the time I get to work I need a shower and a change of clothes 🙂 I know nothing of the weather in Northern California so can’t even comment!

  5. Frances says:

    Meanwhile, I’ve been looking at all the winter fashion on UK and US websites for the past few months while it’s 35°C/95°F outside and I’m drowning in my own sweat… STUPID HEMISPHERE.

  6. Elle Ash says:

    I love the colorful H&M collections, I guess pink and blue are in again!

    I bought few winter outwear and some jackets thinking I’ll visit a European country in Dec, Jan but ended up heading to the Middle East and Asia lol I seriously have no where to wear these!

  7. tabayag says:

    I have to say, I adore winter fashion. Leggings, leg warmers, tons of layers and big belts!

  8. Haha, I understand! You probably look awesome though, I bet!

  9. I am so ready for Winter to be over… or at least the very low temperatures and the snow.

    Next has some very cute nautical clothes and I am so tempted to order because I am afraid my size will sell quickly. 😦 But on the other hand it’ll take a few more months before I’ll be able to wear them. Argh! lol

  10. aisha says:

    ASOS has a new range out for sizes 20-26 called Curve, they have some nice things.

  11. Moe says:

    I love nautical. Maybe tomorrow I can get into it. It is supposed to rain — har har.

    I hear you about the spring thing though. It’s -3 here and all I want is another sweater.

    Keep warm!

  12. Emer says:

    I bought a swimsuit today and it looks like Alfred Hitchcock’s laboratory outside: bring me my sunshine!

    I got all excited when I read there that Asos have a new range out – not exactly the most exciting range in the world, is it? And the girl who’s modeling it could use a drink and a tickle: cheer up love!

    Lots of basics in there. I wonder are they waiting to see how it sells before they launch anything interesting? Or is it a range they’ve done to appease a larger size customer base, who they’re just going to ignore after this one collection?

    • Deena says:

      The ASOS range isn’t groundbreaking but its a good start. Yes, it mainly is basics but at last we have another clothing option rather than just relying on the old faithfuls. I don’t get the impression that this is just going to be a one time only affair as ASOS have been actually communcating with their target customers to see what we want. They probably are just planning to start with the basics before rolling out the heavy hitting fashion later down the line. Hope thats the case and hopefully not *too* much later!

  13. Erin says:

    I love nautical stripes too but got to agree that the winter gives me the blahs!

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