Katie Wears My Belt!

I’m sitting here clapping like a seal because the eternally well dressed Katie from What Katie Wore is wearing one of my belts and making it look fantastic!-  of course its fantastic anyhow, 🙂 but Katie is injecting an extra double dose of fantasismo. Thank you Katie and Joe!

Belts still available in The Shop and there are still new belts on the way- bear with me!


12 Comments on “Katie Wears My Belt!”

  1. lifestartsnow says:

    wait, is katie the one who won the belt-contest?

    looks good! i want the shoes and the belt! and the tights.


    • Deena says:

      No, Ruth won the contest and she promises a photo as soon as she wears it *smiling at Ruth*. Katie is a popular blogger- or rather- the star of a popular blog as her boyfriend writes the blog itself and takes photos of her daily outfits.

  2. Vanoue says:

    I heart the belt but not the entire outfit. The belt should have been the only accessorie in the outfit.

  3. Frances says:

    OH MY GOD WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS SITE BEFORE. Her crazy, technicolour, over-accessorised outfits are uh.may.zing.

  4. bharat says:

    hey katie looks dashing.and the belt is also cool. i liked it.whats the price for it.

  5. whatkatiewore says:


    Thanks so much for sending K the belt – she loves it!

    Lovely comments on here too!

    Joe xxx

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