True Corset Review

The lovely ladies at True Corset who I wrote about a few months ago, have sent me a gift in the form of this gorgeous outfit that arrived recently.

The package consisted of a corset, satin skirt and matching bolero and I must apologise for the non ironing of the skirt- I was too stoked over the package to bother with that ironing nonsense- I just wanted to try it all on and shimmy about like a Moulin Rouge extra asap.

I decided not to post any pics from the front because as you can imagine the corset is all tits ahoy and I’m a lil shy *blush*.

The jewel in the outfit crown is undeniably the corset and I have to tell you that the make up of it is immaculate. It’s sturdy, impeccably sewn, looks as beautiful from the inside as it does from the outside, and there are no raw edges.

There is plenty of strong lacing at the back so when your maidservant has her foot in your back yanking hard to lace it tight, there’s no risk of any flimsy ribbon snapping or cutting into her fingers. For the rest of us who have to tackle these things on our own it takes a little patience to adjust the lacing to what you think might fit, put it on, do it up at the front, take off and repeat until happy with the fit. The good news is that once you’ve done it you won’t ever need to do it again.

The corset fit very well and gave me an hourglass shape which made me do a double take at my reflection as I am not naturally curvy like that. The only thing I don’t like is that the top edge of the bust doesn’t lie flat against my body so it may make it hard to wear something over it. I think I can make it work if I slightly adjust how I wear it but we’ll see.

Yes- my boobs are virtually at a 180 degree angle- thats how much va- va voom they're getting.

The website recommends ordering a corset two inches smaller than your natural waist. My natural waist is 49 inches and my corset when laced up edge to edge measures approx 44″ inches. There is a 5″ modesty panel at the back that gives extra room for adjustment so you can have it as tight or loose as is comfortable and still remain covered in the back.

The skirt fits PERFECTLY along with the bolero…

….which are both contenders for my works Christmas party outfit but I of course won’t be wearing the corset as I don’t much fancy being the topic of the next days water cooler convos.

Would I recommend? Yup.Β  The bolero and skirt are easy to wear items that I know I’ll turn to again and again especially over the party season. Naturally the corset is fairly rigid and is not designed for lounging around watching TV all evening, but for those occasions when you want full volume sex appeal it’s perfect and will definitely bring all the boys to the yard.


5 Comments on “True Corset Review”

  1. lifestartsnow says:

    i officially envy you! this looks georgeous – and you only showed yourself from behind! good heavens!!!

    you go girl


  2. Elvira says:

    Wow, what a great corset. The back picture looks good!

    I hope you change your mind about a pic from the front(maybe when you adjusted it?) I love how this corset looks and would love to see more of it. The bolero is super cute too.

    p.s. I think you always post great blogs!

  3. WendyB says:

    I love corsets. They’re great for posture!

  4. I agree with the others; the back picture looks the best!

    Emily ~ Corsets and corset dresses

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