Real Live Reindeers!

I was out shopping yesterday afternoon and I saw hoardes of people gathered in the middle of the street along with around 20 security guards. Being nosey I had to go and see what the attraction was so I shuffled through the crowd and there they were- real reindeer!



This was truly an OMG moment for me because I don’t remember ever seeing reindeer before and I was struck by how beautiful they are. Also, as you only really see them portrayed alongside Santa on christmas cards and not throughout the year you kinda forget- or rather I  forgot that they are not mythical creatures. I stared at them for several  minutes just wanting to stroke their faces but of course I didn’t lest I lose a few fingers. My reaction was much the same as it was when I first saw buffalos in Brooklyn Zoo and I was all- OMG BUFFALO as I had only ever seen them in films.  Did you know reindeer even have fur on their antlers? That makes me sound like a complete idiot but really- I didn’t know.


Truly stunning creatures but my awe was shattered as someone shouted out that they should be out in the wild not kept in behind bars. I don’t know where they came from or where they are usually kept but I hope they are well treated and have ample space to roam about and just be.

Why were they there? It appears that they and “Santa” were being used to give sleigh rides to people but I didn’t hang around to see this as it wasn’t scheduled to start for another 45 minutes and I had to move on. I did feel a bit uneasy though that they were going to be put to work pulling people around in circles just so that they can have the full jingle bells experience.


4 Comments on “Real Live Reindeers!”

  1. hana says:

    wow i had no idea they had fur on them i thought it was bone-like

  2. Laura R says:

    Hey, where is this? it looks like Birmingham UK?

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