The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog

Since the iron fist ruling at my secondary school that you had to use a fountain pen for all work I’ve been pretty much against them despite being a moderate stationery geek. I still have memories of ink stained hands and leaky nibs ruining my pencil cases, though I do have one fond memory of deliberately flashing ink onto the back of the nice white cardigan a supply teacher was wearing, then acting like I had no idea who did it. Until today I’ve never confessed. It was me. She was horrid and deserved every blot. I hope it was permanent.

Over the summer my fountain pen aversion softened and I made an impulse purchase at Paperchase (the row of pens at the counter gets me every time)of a Papermate disposable fountain pen with turquoise coloured ink. Its my new BFF and its made me shed the baggage of my past and want a new fountain pen. I was looking online and I saw this beauty…..

Caran Dache pen

……..from for the modest sum of £45,000. No that isn’t a typo, it is actually FORTY FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS which is approx $75,000 USD for my American friends. Is this the most expensive pen in the world? Nope, a quick search brings up a few diamond encrusted numbers that go for around $730,000 USD. I do like this pen though and it reminds me of Lara Bohinc’s signature fretwork…

Lara Bohinc Wallet

£260 Harvey Nichols

but needless to say, my fountain pen will cost considerably less and won’t be even a fraction as luxe.


3 Comments on “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog”

  1. Emer says:

    I like the fact that on that website, it says “Meticulous attention has been given to ever [sic] detail”. I expect a bit of irony with my stupidly overpriced pens.

  2. StephanieDJL says:

    That’s beyond ridiculous for a pen…
    Slightly irrelevant but Next has a bag practically identical to that one.

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