Sample Sales!

There are two sample sales going on that I think you need to know about but you probably already do….

Jibri are having a sample sale at their Etsy shop where there are around 35 pieces available, mainly in sizes 16-18.

Igigi are also having a sample sale but unfortunately for the majority of us, its only at their San Francisco showroom *pout*. Sale takes place on November 12, 4-8pm and you need to RSVP to attend. See their website for more info.

Another sale which isn’t quite a sample sale but is a sale worth noting is being hosted by Maria from Corazones Rojos who is selling off some stuff because her closet is overflowing. This woman has great style and I’ve long been ogling her wardrobe but unfortunatly, I would only ever be able to fit one forearm into any of her clothes as they will mainly be sizes 14- 20. Still, I’ll be having a look once she opens up shop on Friday at 8am PST because just maybe…………



2 Comments on “Sample Sales!”

  1. Aw, thanks so much for spreading the word on my little sale.


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