We Have a Winner!

Thanks to all of you for entering the contest, I loved all of your styling suggestions and have finally decided on a winner….


…whose suggestion was-

I would wear this belt with the beautiful zebra print dress I got from the evans sale. It was only a tenner and it fits like a dream! I canny wait for the weekend so I can go out dancing in it, and that lovely belt would just set it off! (along with some nice purple courts :) )

I loved the pattern and texture clash that I visualised in my head along with the flash of purple to highlight.

Other ideas I liked were the suggestions of wearing it with neon and other bright colours, and those of wearing it back to front or as a necklace. Your imaginations were running wild!

The shop is now open and you can click here to visit. There are five belts available at the moment and I will be adding more over the coming weeks.


4 Comments on “We Have a Winner!”

  1. Bronxgirl1 says:


    Trust me when I tell you that you can quit your day job to pursue this full time. These belts are beautiful and I plan to order every last one of them. I can so see these belts on a celebrity at a hollywood premiere, or on someone like Rihanna, or Victoria Beckham. I love these belts!!!!

  2. Shantรฉ says:

    your belts are absolutely gorgeous. I want one so bad but Canadian exchange and fees.. It will have to wait.
    I will feature your link on my blog still because it’s worth sharing.
    they are original and beautiful.

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