Meet The Hardest Working Dress in My Wardrobe

I’ve had a few requests to post more OOTD photos which it has been noted, I rarely do. So at your  request and a poke in the ribs from Gabi at YFF (smiles) here’s what I wore a few days ago to go charity shopping. For some reason I always seem to wear thrifted clothes to go thrifting. It’s not deliberate, I guess I’m just sub consciously getting into the zone?

I don’t ask me why I’m looking down my nose like that. I have no answer.

Dress- Thrifted from COW. I live in this dress and never get tired of it.

Denim jacket- So old I’ve pretty much thrifted it from myself. Originally from Etam.

Bag- Save the Children charity shop. Bought it the same day photo was taken and liked it so much I started using it before I was even out of there.

Tights- We Love Colors

Plimsolls- H&M Mens dept

Belt- Evans

Bangles- Torrid

Earrings- Topshop


10 Comments on “Meet The Hardest Working Dress in My Wardrobe”

  1. ChaCha says:

    I love this dress !
    Nice outfit.


  2. Vanoue says:

    I heart the dress!
    Please tall us more about Etam plus! Are there any shops or shipping in the UK? I don’t find their website.

  3. Bethamint says:

    I’m so in love with that dress, and the denim jacket too! Gorgeous!!! ❤

  4. I love love love that dress–the pattern is great and the fit is super flattering for you!!

    Those earrings are fab, too!

    Looking good! 🙂

  5. fiercebeautyandfashion says:

    Girl, so loving the dress! And anything denim I fall in love with! Great outfit!

  6. ro says:

    i love the dress with the jacket but i dont think it looks right with the tights.

  7. Frances says:

    I love that dress! You look fab in the denim jacket, too. (I love denim jackets on everyone but me.)

  8. Adrienne says:

    Hiya. I was just wondering what size you bought your tights in from We Love Colours? We are about the same size and I never thought they would fit as lovely as they seem you fit on you. You look awsome! 🙂

    • Deena says:

      I buy the nylon/ lycra mix tights in size E. They’re super comfortable and very stretchy with no fear of them ripping if you bend down to tie your shoelace!

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