Manik Monday

Ok so its Tuesday and the title isn’t really working but it was Monday when I stumbled upon this so thats alright yes? Good.

The discovery in question is that of the new online magazine Manik. The introductory issue recently launched and it’s looking FANTASTIC. Seriously, its hot. It’s polished, super stylish and doesn’t really mention plus size or curvy or anything relating to size on the front page, you just know its for you from the models used. There is no “you can look good too” message as they expect you to love fashion and they expect that you want to read about where to get the latest looks and body size isn’t overstated at all. There are features on lifestyle and interviews too so there is more to offer than just clothes. 

The mag doesn’t officially launch for another two months so this taster has me looking forward to December and that’s nothing to do with Christmas.


4 Comments on “Manik Monday”

  1. polianarchy says:

    I have a problem with the article, “CURVES AHEAD
    HOW FIT ARE YOU?” under the Habitual Wellness tab. It’s bullshit first of all, but it’s also incongruous with the rest of the online mag.

    • Deena says:

      Yeh, I went back to the magazine and clicked on that tab not too long ago 😦 I was fine with the fitness issue until they dug up that old BMI chestnut then I just kinda sighed. It was all going so well.

  2. emmme says:

    I just wanna say thanks Deena, for posting about this mag. It’s fab. I love the makeup, fashion, etc. I didn’t think the health article was too obnoxious; at least the focus was on stamina and flexibility, not weight. In the comments section someone else called them out on the BMI issue and the editor was very welcoming of the discussion too.

  3. Thanks for sharing. From your description (and those posted before me) I’m loving the magazine already. Those models are working it!

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