Plus Size Columnist at Marie Claire

It seems like the Glamour magazine belly roll incident is having a ripple effect on other publications with Marie Claire creating a new columnwithin its pages aimed specifically at plus size women. Stylist Ashley Falcon makes her debut in the November issue with a column introducing herself and her selection of the best jeans available for plus sizes.

This new column was brought to my attention from an article on The Frisky which was going well until I read the line,

I can’t help but think about her health.



12 Comments on “Plus Size Columnist at Marie Claire”

  1. Tracy says:

    I’m not surprised by that reaction. Fat people can’t seem to get any positive press without qualifications reminding us how bad we are. *eyeroll*

  2. Katrin says:

    This is just soo typical! I mean actually it is a positive article and she says that she thinks there should be more plus sized information in the press…but why do they always come to the health-topic.
    I just hate this statistics and the BMI thing, considered to the BMI one of my best friends is a 20 [ so normalweight] , and yeah she is one of the really skinny girls but she eats sooooo much and doesn’t do any sport at all so his is just as unhealthy as me not doing anysports at the moment. but nobody would be concerned about it.
    It isnt fair that plus sized ppl are always claimed beein unhealthy or more unhealthy then the rest of the population.

  3. Bethamint says:

    That article in Marie Claire reads soooo much like a fatshion blog, I think it’s wonderful!

    As for the article on The Frisky, I was pleased to see how many commenters were telling her how condescending she sounded. Someone said:

    “I’m so sick of “This is a step in the right direction! But while we’ve got the opportunity to talk to fat people….. won’t you remember to LOSE WEIGHT? Really we care about you, and here are some diet tips… even though we don’t know anything about you or your personal habits! Being thin gives me the authority to lecture you on your health, even though I am not a doctor or nutritionist!””

    and “Stop acting like having a big woman person in a magazine will make everyone in America start mainlining lard. ”

    And that made me punch my fist in the air and go, “yeah!”

  4. polianarchy says:

    That’s funny. I can’t help but think about the mental health of the writer at “The Frisky.”

  5. Because coke-snorting, junk-food eating models and celebs are a picture of health?

  6. buffPuff says:

    It’s a bleeding fashion magazine, not a health magazine. These people really give me the pip. I’m glad the posters on The Frisky gave her what for.

  7. m says:

    she’s a fashion-obsessed stylist in the city, and doesn’t go to an industry party because she is wearing boyfriend jeans and can’t find anything to wear on short notice since banana republic doesn’t often carry xl in store?

    i guess this would tug at my heartstrings if i wasn’t her size. :-/ these articles are always the same, it’s like they wouldn’t dare give the space to a happy-go-lucky 220lb woman who says, hell yeah size inflation makes it easy for me to wear a br L, i keep a chanel 20 i got in europe in my desk drawer in case i get invited to cocktail parties with marc jacobs, and now that yoox carries paul smith extended sizes i don’t fly abroad as often. you know, someone collar-poppingly living the glamorous life, just like the slender women in the rest of the magazine do.

  8. Frances says:

    “Being confident in yourself and your body is one thing, but being healthy, whatever your size, is more important.”

    ‘Cause, you know, self-esteem has NOTHING to do with someone’s overall health. *facepalm*

  9. lifeonfats says:

    Can’t there be a fat positive article without the standard “but I’m concerned for their health!” line. Unless you have our lab results, stop assuming we’re about ready to keel over minute.

  10. Andrea says:

    Ha, totally. There were so many blogs that I wanted to submit this to, and then I was like, “Oh, why bother? All the comments will just devolve into people saying how concerned they are about her health.”

    Did anyone see the recent Maxim spread (I know, I don’t get Maxim, either, but saw the pictures on blogs) of the ladies of Battlestar Galactica? Grace Park’s emaciated frame terrified me. I don’t hear anyone worrying about HER health.

  11. mabel says:

    i love that MC has Ashley Falcon. im a size 18 and i make my own clothes because im not a fan of what is out there for a curvy gal with limited funds.
    and seeing Ms. Falcon in MC…omg i was sooo happy. FINALLY

    as for the frisky article. someone please go serve ms.strawn a double cheeseburger with a side order of foot-in-your-mouth.

    she is obviously delusional.

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