Foot Stamping and Tantrum Throwing at LFW-The Update

Its kinda old news now on the net but the dust is still settling on the Designer vs Stylist episode from LFW. Grazia magazine have this week run an interview with the stylist in question, Erika Kurihara, where she gives her side of the story. Apparently she didn’t storm out at the last minute over the designer’s decision to  use plus size models per se, she walked because she felt that the models chosen didn’t have the catwalk strut down pat. She feels that curvier models in general are more used to doing print work where they just stand and pose and don’t often get the chance to walk down a runway so don’t have the experience necessary to pull off a show. Her argument was that using larger models was going to be a bold statement so the execution would have to be pinpoint sharp so as not to discredit the show in any way. Kurihara says that even after coaching the three size 12/14 models had improved but were still not up to her standard so with two days till showtime she quit after a gentle nudge from Mark Fast who said he would prefer to work with a stylist who shared his enthusiasm.

I haven’t seen any footage from the show so I can’t comment on how well the plus size models walked compared to the other models but I understand her seasons for wanting to make the show perfect. HOWEVER- I feel that the statement being made with the inclusion of plus size models was bigger than the show itself and the stylist got caught up in “the show” and lost focus. I’m not saying that using bigger models should trump the quality of any show but I’m sure if the models’ walks were unacceptable they wouldn’t have been used, full stop. Any stylist has to consider their own integrity concerning any work they do and have to be happy with the results of anything they put their hand and name to but ultimately, the stylist isn’t the one calling she shots. If the designer is happy with the representation of his/ her work and is doing all in his power to iron out any kinks there may be then the stylist should be professional enough to see the project through to the end even if they don’t agree with all the decisions made by the person whose name it is above the catwalk.


6 Comments on “Foot Stamping and Tantrum Throwing at LFW-The Update”

  1. lifestartsnow says:

    oh, lame excuse after noticing that your storm off caused some waves.


  2. Hmm. I first head the “walk” excuse just after it happened, and have been mulling it over. I suppose the reason why plus size models can’t walk (ha!) is because their thighs are bigger, and so can’t put their feet as literally in front of the other as well as a size 0, 2, 4 model can? (Oh my god I am LOLing while writing this, honestly.) But for example, I can’t cross my legs sitting down so maybe she has a point! Did you see the Torrid runway show? Their models were plus size and had no training, so I guess they were lost causes!

    I personally think the whole argument, the whole fashion industry is completely ridiculous and on its own planet with all its rules, superstitions and fear of anything different. I don’t believe it will ever change.

    • Great minds think alike! It’s so true we’re different plain and simple. Plus size thighs just weren’t made for that stilted cat walk dance . We don’t want to be tokens, embrace it all. The industry will just have to re-think -excuse me re-style the whole cat walk thing for plus size models. who made that up anyhow? It certainly doesn’t make the clothes look any better is it supposed to get you down the runway faster or what?

  3. G says:

    If the designer is happy with the representation of his/ her work and is doing all in his power to iron out any kinks there may be then the stylist should be professional enough to see the project through to the end
    Absolutely. It sounds like a lot of backtracking to me. And her comments on the situation are weak, to say the least. From what I’ve read, Erika Kurihara seems to know what she is doing in the business. I doubt this is the first time she has encountered a show that isn’t perfect. So why would this be the first time she would quit a show? She obviously had moral objections to plus-sized women being featured. She just did -not- want them there and was willing to walk out because of them.
    Her mistake was not anticipating the backlash. She may not believe it, but the industry is starting to change.

  4. Esther says:

    I can’t help but wonder if there really is a shift in the zeitgeist or is this just tokenism?
    I’d like to feel that the industry is on the brink of change, but fashion is fashionable at times.

    Fingers crossed

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