Foot Stamping and Tantrum Throwing at LFW

Did you hear the one about the stylist who threw a mega-strop and resigned over a designer’s decision to use size 12 and 14 models in his show? Not a joke- actual fact.

Pic from Grazia

London designer Mark Fast is known for creating highly covetable sculptured body con knitted dresses that cost an arm and a leg. His latest show for SS2010 featured three models of sizes 12 and 14 but the decision was not favoured by all and one stylist actually resigned over the decision. RESIGNED!! I’m still laughing now! He/ she must have been high on the smell of all that hairspray backstage and momentarily lost their grip on reality. The whole damn world is in recession, people are hanging on to their jobs like life jackets in a storm, and there’s one drama queen throwing a hissy fit and walking out over a size 12 model. It’s not your collection, just get on with it! Freelance work can be hard enough to get in the first place so once you secure a gig you want to be hanging onto it firmly I would have thought.

Grazia pic 2

Thankfully someone else with a little more sense/ professionalism/ maturity stepped in and the show went on without a hitch. These fashion types I tell ya- an endless source of entertainment.


18 Comments on “Foot Stamping and Tantrum Throwing at LFW”

  1. Alexis says:

    This had me LMAO, for sure. I am not crazy about the dresses, especially in the lighter colors, but if I had the $$$ I would gladly fork it over for this guy. Forward thinking business man!

  2. Rosie says:

    The crazy thing is that the 12-14 models probably looked waaay better in his body-conscious dresses because their curves could actually fill them out. These girls are tall and their size is healthy and gorgeous. This stylist is an idiot!

  3. Sarah says:

    I agree that it was absolutely ridiculous for someone to resign over this. However, I find it odd that nobody seems to know the names of the people who resigned. Maybe this was just a brilliant piece of PR??

    We are a new indie Scottish fashion magazine. We have added you to our blog roll. Any chance you could do the same for us?


  4. They deserve to be out of a job. Idiots. Does he actually sell plus size?? It’s right up La Grande Dame’s alley.

  5. G says:

    Those models look hot. Like actual women instead of poor starving Ethiopians… which is what that stylist is going to start looking like when he or she runs out of grocery cash when no one is willing to hire them.

    • m says:

      many of those poor, starving Ethiopians are actual women, and anyone would be lucky to look Ethiopian, poor or otherwise.

      • G says:

        Oh my god. You’re so right, M. Anyone would be lucky to be living in a war-torn country and suffering from malnutrition. How utterly silly of me to think differently.

      • Frances says:

        I think m’s point, though perhaps poorly expressed, is that it doesn’t help anyone to call one body type the shape of an “actual woman”. To say that curvy women are “actual women” is just another way of dictating what we should look like, and totally defeats the purpose of size acceptance.

      • G says:

        Believe me, I’m not one to dictate what the ideal size of a woman should be but I stand firm in saying that runway models are in no shape or form representative of women in the real world (who do not have severe eating disorders).
        Models in the fashion industry have tailored diets that put them a few stones below what their original body weight would be.
        I remember meeting a girl in Cologne who had just retired from modeling and said she instantly gained 20 pounds. The only lifestyle change she made was reducing her work outs to 5 times a week and adding carbs and protein to her diet. She looked fabulous- still skinny as sin so I can’t imagine what she looked like before.
        Plus sized models don’t go with the same routine. If they weren’t models, they would probably stay exactly the same size. Because size 12 is a normal body shape.
        I think promoting this half-starved type of body is the absolute last thing we need to do to ourselves and young women. They don’t look like that because they’re “lucky”, they look like that because they’re surviving on celery and vinegar dip. There’s a huge difference between skinny and emaciated. It’s ridiculous to me that their own bodies don’t even want to be this weight.

    • m says:

      i said anyone owuld be lucky to look ethiopian — not all ethiopians are malnutrioned (!), nor is ethiopia today war-torn. thanks for sharing your prejudices though.

      • G says:

        M, I honestly don’t know where you’re getting with this. Ethiopia is a war torn country and is still suffering from the consequences of its civil war.
        And yes, most Ethiopians are experiencing malnutrition which can be blamed on poor government infrastructure as well as developed nations who don’t lend enough support to periphery countries to remedy the situation.
        I am pretty sure that at the present day, most Ethiopians would not consider themselves lucky. They would consider themselves victims of a cruel cycle of poverty.
        You are welcome for my opinions though, whether they are prejudiced or not is debateable.

  6. bluerose says:

    Hilarious! Actually, I’m believeing more and more that the “rule” of clothing looking better on skinny people doesn’t apply at all. There are so many options of using structure, fit, draping etc. on larger sizes. I’m still waiting for designers to explore this.

  7. Sonya says:

    I talked about this too! It’s utterly ridiculous. Luckily someone stepped in, I guess. While I’m not really a fan of the clothes, I am a fan of larger models on the catwalk. I’m not so naive as to think it’s more than likely for publicity, but I still can enjoy it!

  8. Mila Stewart says:

    Yeah at least these models have some curves!

  9. Kudos to a forward thinking young designer who can feel the wave of reality approaching (finally). I pray It will be a trend and other designers will finally consider us 3 dimensional women instead of just the paper dolls they have been designing for.

    BTW “G” Re: your comment about Ethiopians
    you sound like the classic “ugly American”

    • G says:

      I’m not American but since I’m being thanked for sharing my so-called prejudices, I supposed I should go ahead and thank you for yours.

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