Make Me Over

I have a confession to make- I’m a bit of a make up snob. I bow at the altar of MAC, Bobby Brown and Urban Decay and turn my nose up at Collection 2000, Rimmel and any other cheapo brand. Not because I have money burning a hole in my pocket but out of habit as once upon a time they had very little for me. As a teen the cheaper ranges rarely carried products that suited black skin and when they did everyone wore it- ie Black Cherry lipstick from Rimmel that I’m quite certain was worn at some stage by every black girl in my year at school. I could get lipstick from Sleek and Island Beauty but anything else was a struggle. Years later I discovered MAC and everything changed. I no longer had to scour every make up counter in Boots looking for just the right shade of eyeshadow, I could just make one stop at MAC to get everything I could possibly need and that has pretty much been the routine until last week.

While browsing the internets I found several great reviews about a range of mineral based eyeshadow palettes by Sleek (available at Superdrug) and thought I would go back to my make up- from- the- chemist roots and give them a whirl as at £4.49 it’s hardly breaking the bank if they all look terrible. The good thing is- they don’t.

There are three palettes in the i-Divine collection- Chaos which is quite brightly coloured matt shades, Storm which is a range of neutrals and Original which is what I bought.

My first impression was good. The palette looks stylish with its matt black case, is very slim and is around 14cm long. The mirror is a great size that is actually useable (so often with make up you get some titchy little thing that only allows you to see one eye at a time) and the colour intensity of the product is good. I doubt I would use all of them as I’m not so keen on the pinker tones but the others are all workable and I can already see this becoming my “go to” palette for evenings out. I say I would only use it for evenings out because the neutral shades are more sparkly than I would wear during the day, but I might try out the Storm palette for daytime looks. They go on smoothly and evenly and are not as super fine in texture as MAC, but at £4.49 for 12 colours against £10 per single colour at MAC I’m really not complaining, just making a comparison.

I tried out this palette at my posh do last week and surprisingly enough they lasted really well. I don’t use primers but the colour didn’t disappear into the creases halfway through the night. Really though, that event was a rather modest affair with no wild dancing til dawn so the test conditions weren’t as hot as they could have been. I will have to see how they perform on a more raucous night out where I’m getting jostled like a pinball, having lager splashed all over my clothes and getting my feet stepped on as though they’re part of the flooring.

Party like a rock star.


11 Comments on “Make Me Over”

  1. definatalie says:

    The pixiwoo girls on youtube absolutely rave about these Sleek palettes in their video tutorials!! I’ve been looking on ebay to see if I can get one over to me in Australia, but it’ll cost me around $25 minimum. Everything always looks so damn cheap in £!

  2. m says:

    that blue (the fourth from left) looks great on you… it makes me want to try it myself.

    funny about the snobbery, though — MAC people usually disdain Bobbi Brown as a suburban soccer mom brand. all that beige lipstick, as a certain MAC developer is wont to say in horror.

    • Deena says:

      ha! Bobbi Brown truly is not the most exciting make up brand there is but the counters are always heaving with people. They’re good for basic everyday looks and thats about it.

  3. StephanieDJL says:

    Urgh it infuriates me how Maybelline seem to be the only drug store brand who attempt to cater for black skin and even then it’s very limited. That being said, even though I love MAC products their foundations don’t seem to work for my skin tone either.

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these palettes but they don’t have them in any of the Superdrugs near me.

  4. Frances says:

    I’m not a make-up kind of girl, but oh hoe I love MAC eyeshadows. Just bought a gold one the other week. Make-up must be way more expensive here than in the UK – I paid $32 for mine.

  5. fola says:

    Hey Deena, I’m kind of a silent reader of your blog, but I decided to comment this time.

    Thanks for the review, I was thinking of buying this before, but wasn’ too sure bout it, after reading your post I went out and bought the original palett and I love it!!


  6. KC says:

    I’ve been wanting to get one of those Sleek palettes since I watched pixiwoo, but I’m in the states 😦

    As for make-up for brown skin, surprisingly I wear Giorgio Armani LSF #9 and I add a bit of one of their yellow bases to it. Then again I’m around Beyonce’s color so it is a bit easier, it’s just that I have a completely yellow undertone no orange or pinks, just yellow and it honestly seems like no one puts enough yellow in their colors for me.

    I tried MAC a long time ago and it made me look ashy but I think they reformulated their stuff because I just got one of their sticks for everyday matte looks and so far it looks good in pictures!

    But my all time favorite brand is Becca when it comes to foundations and concealers! I think the Australians do it best when it comes to making colors for everyone and Becca goes from like albino white to ebony black with each shade having a companion with a different undertone! Because we all know two people can be the same shade but one is olive and the other is red or yellow! AMAZING! Seriously…go out and find it, you won’t be disappointed especially with the concealer because you get two colors in a compact so you can mix them up if need be! Ok I’ve talked too much, make-up just makes me giddy!

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