I’m Cringing Already

I have just  heard via Google Alerts that there is to be an X Factor/ Pop Stars style TV show especially for plus sized contestants called  XL Factor to be hosted by former Pop Idol contestant who disappaeared into obscurity- Rik Waller. They will be looking for a four piece plus size girl group, much like Girls Aloud minus one I should imagine, or like the US equivalent The Glamazons. I can feel myself sinking deeper and deeper into my seat already at the mere thought of it, not at the prospect of having a plus size girl band which would be nothing short of amazing and long overdue, but at the thought of the spectacle this show could become if its not done correctly. While my initial reaction is one of  dread, further googling has revealed that Linda Koch, the woman who has created the programme is a plus size woman herself and creator of website Fat is the New Black. Does this make a difference? Yes. It doesn’t automatically mean that the show will be any good,  it means that just maybe the show will be approached with a little sensitivity and there is a glimmer of optimism that the programme won’t become a fat people circus where audiences fall over laughing at the fatties who under the instruction of a less than sincere producer, try to out booty shake Beyonce in a bid to increase ratings and gain column inches.

I haven’t heard anything from any other source apart from what I’ve read here so I’m not even certain if this is true or not, but it does raise a few questions. Do we really need a reality talent show format specifically aimed at plus sizes? Is this just a gimmick? Shouldn’t the emphasis be on trying to make all reality shows more inclusive? Is there even a problem of exclusion when it comes to reality talent shows? Whatever happened to Michelle McManus? What say you, the FGLNCT public?


7 Comments on “I’m Cringing Already”

  1. Michelle McManus was crash dieting herself into oblivion last I heard… I just think all reality shows are awful, most people who work in TV are pretty dubious!

  2. buffPuff says:

    I love talent shows, (don’t ask me why – I’ve loved them ever since I was a child), however, my heart is sinking at the very thought of this one. Even if it is handled with sensitivity and not edited primarily to amuse a fat-hating, fat-fearing public, there will still be Daily Mail articles out the wazzoo about “unhealthy role models” and glamourising and/or promoting obesity. I’m already knackered just thinking about it.

  3. emmme says:

    I’m ok with the concept, and it could be good. But experience teaches reality shows are rarely so.

  4. TJ's Mim says:

    I’m not so sure how that’s going to work. I just finished watching more to love – a plus sized version of the Bachelor and it was horrible. I think that they went out and picked the most insecure plus sized women they could find and every week it was a cry fest.

    Let us know how XL Factor develops!

  5. Kath says:

    What is with the “fat” versions of shows these days? It’s like there is a media fascination with singling out the fatties. Ugh!

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