Is This an Addiction?

I have been sitting patiently, waiting for brogues to come back into fashion for YEARS. I love shoes of all varieties but I have had a special fondness for flat wing tips since I bought my first pair over ten years ago (they were from City Shoes in Richmond Va- can anyone tell me if this shop is still trading? Best shoes in Richmond!) and wore them for years and years until the leather finally called it a day and split. Why do I love this style so much? Well they’re just so damn smart and can add of air of sophistication to the most casual of outfits. Brogues aren’t my addiction though. I’m just building the case to justify my purchase of yet another pair of two-tone shoes. My *gulp* third pair. In all fairness though, the other pairs are very different so it’s not like I have three pairs of shoes that all look the same.

These look a little grotty but I’ve lived in them all summer and they have gotten so much usage the heel grips that were in them detached themselves in protest at the amount of work I was putting them through hence the horrible sticky mess around the heel.

There’s only one shoe in the pic because as I was getting them down from the top of the wardrobe one of the suckers fell down the back. I may now never wear these shoes again, ever because there are FAR too many things in and on top of the wardrobe for me to rescue the other shoe. Then again, I like them a lot so it would be worth it.

So you see, three pairs of shoes along a similar theme isn’t so bad really is it. Is it?

PS- The new shoeses are these from New Look. The description says they are man made but they are actually leather with a man made lining. Get it right New Look!


9 Comments on “Is This an Addiction?”

  1. Natasha says:

    I love that last pair of shoes! (even if I can only see one of them.) What do you wear them with? I’ve never know what to wear with those types of shoes.

  2. juliette says:

    Love love love 2 tone shoes! I’m looking for brown and white right now. If anyone comes across any ankle boots with a similar look, please post them!
    Ms.D, you look fab as always – that black dress in the post before this one is elegant and sexy at the same time. I’m going to try it!

  3. juliette says:

    Go to the Frocks and Frou Frou site to see the shoes Lilli is wearing – I want those NOW.

  4. Deepa says:

    Actually, City Shoes closed a couple years ago 😦

  5. Esther says:

    Love your shoes! Brogues have never been out of fashion. We just get a little frightened to wear them at times. I’ve always worn them. We should all have at least one great pair.

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