The Full Fat Issue

Diva magazine’s Fat Issue has finally hit the shelves and I’m soaking it up like a parched sponge. As yet I haven’t read it cover to cover but I’m working on it and throughly enjoying the task. I’ve never bought or even read Diva magazine before and am completely new to the party so I can’t really compare it to past issues as I really don’t know what shape or size the models in their editorials take. All I can say is that as soon as I saw the cover my face lit up as the models featured are delightfully  fat. They’re not  size 14 in betweenies with a spot of belly chubbs, they are gorgeous size 26/28 women (Kelli Jean Drinkwater and Bea Sweet) with big arms and round bellies and they’re not covered up which is a joy to see. Flicking through the magazine at lunchtime I couldn’t wait to sit and consume it totally as there was so much I wanted to read. It’s titled The Fat Issue and there is plenty within on the subject of HAES, body acceptance and discussions but there are plenty of pieces on travel, TV, music, interviews  etc so its not just an endless stream of pieces on the same topic.

Me being me I of course looked for the fashion spreads first….

….and I now know where to buy some hold up stockings that will actually get past my knees and hold the hell up ( Also- I. want. those. shoes. All of them.

All in all its well worth buying and gets the FGLNCT seal of approval.


4 Comments on “The Full Fat Issue”

  1. Bethamint says:

    I spy the Beth Ditto purple sequin top!

    Also, my goodness that last pic is sexy. I’ll have to bookmark that stockings site.

  2. I really want to buy this! They look amazing.

  3. I love the fashion spread. Not really a DIVA reader but I’m going out and getting one asap.

  4. Sabrina says:

    Have you ever tried LoveMe stuff? They have 2 sizes: S-M and M-L, and I tell you, their M-L are rather large (and awfully sexy!!!). =)

    Here’s the link of their online shop, in case you want to give a try:

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