Say What?!?!

I would LOVE to know who they’re talking about..


4 Comments on “Say What?!?!”

  1. Bethamint says:

    How intriguing…. is there no chance of getting an answer? 😦

    • Deena says:

      Nah, I doubt it very much. Even if I emailed Drapers and asked them directly I doubt they would disclose who it is. Makes me think it must be a retailer who is about to extend their sizes soon so I’ll be keeping a beady eye open to see if anyone is suddenly stocking size 24 clothes because it must be them! Clearly whoever it is has no respect for their new potential customers.

  2. What does he mean by tills? Those little bar thingies you have to go over in the subway?

    • Deena says:

      No, the actual cash register because you know, buying clothes as huge as a size 22 is SO embarrassing you need to do it in private. I bet the person concerned thought they were having a real eureka moment too.

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