Thursday Night Out

A solo night out. I don’t go out on my own that often, I generally try to rope someone into going out with me but if no-ones up for it I really don’t see why I should miss out on something I want to see or do. I didn’t even ask anyone if they wanted to come and see The Blow Monkeys with me because I don’t think I would have gotten a positive or even polite response, so to save face I bought my ticket and trotted off on my own.

Please remind me never to go to a concert within an hour of the door opening time. I felt like a complete lemon just standing there propping up the bar with five other people looking like a complete no mates. At one point I started to text friends and had a couple of phone convos so at least I might have just looked like I was expecting to meet someone or got stood up instead of being a sad cow who goes out on her own. Is that better? Er- no. Not. at. all.

I can’t say I’m a huge Blow Monkeys fan but they are a band I remember from way back when. I know a few songs and one of my favourite songs from the 80’s is by them and I went to see them on the strength of that song alone. It reminds me of the days when I used to tape songs off the radio and write down every single lyric by frantically hitting rewind on my Hitachi cassette radio and scribbling down the badly interpreted lyrics. To be honest, I didn’t even know that the band was still together so I was very surprised to see a flier for the gig in the local library. They were supported by the Kate Rogers Band who I have never heard of but I have to say I was pretty impressed.Β  Kate Rogers and band put on a good show- a better performance than I expected as they looked like a bunch of students from the SU bar who were just gonna “give it some” for a few minutes and I had my fingers ready to stick into my ears. Thankfully I didn’t have to use them.

I don’t really have any pictures apart from this-

Kate Rogers Band

I have a new camera and not a sodding clue how to use it. I picked it up before I dashed out the house and I knew I’d be in trouble as I hadn’t read the manual but I thought I would be able to get at least one good photo. It’s only a point and shoot and as you can see I can’t even follow those two simple instructions to good effect. Hopeless.

I didn’t even bother to try and take any pics of the main act because it would have been too much faffing and I wanted to just enjoy the music so heres a photo of them that I have stolen from the BBC website-

Blow Monkeys

It’s not a recent picture by about 20 years I would say but they are all recognisable- there was the guy in the bowler hat, the drummer in the suit, sax/ keyboard player in a hat and Dr Robert…… well, hes less recognisable. He’s kinda lost his cool and was dressed in black jeans and a nondescript blue shirt and basically just looked like someones dad, not the sharp sexy thing pictured above.

Appearances aside they put on a great show and I got to hear all the old favourites plus lots of newer tracks too. I did start to feel slightly miffed when they finished the set and didn’t perform the one song I’d come out to hear but they did it for their encore and I danced my little socks off, reminiscing about my Hitachi stereo with the Garfield scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers on it. I had a great time and before I retire for the night singing this song to myself, let me play it for you….


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