Living in a Box

This right here- is genius…

Imagine having to delve into this brilliant work of art every morning to get dressed. I don’t blame whoever that is inside for climbing in because I would do the same thing. I love old suitcases and this masterpiece scores on so many levels as it fuses vintage and modern aesthetics perfectly. It makes me think of the golden age of travel where people used to pack trunks to travel and spent days aboard the Orient Express visiting distant lands and solving murder mysteries. OK- so I’m mixing fact with fiction a bit here but you know what I mean.  It’s one piece from a series of artworks  by Maarten de Ceulaer and has made the shortlist for the 14th annual  Blueprint Awards which is being held at the 100% Design show, Earl’s Court London, September 24-27.

It also reminds me of the front page to the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week website and I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that fashion week season starts today!!!

Also, today is the day for the worldwide Fashion’s Night Out event which involves hundreds of retailers in 13 capital cities worldwide opening late to host in store activities, special offers, one off designs, celebrity appearances, makeovers and all manner of fun stuff . As I’m not in London (sigh) I won’t be there but click here to find out whats happening near you.


One Comment on “Living in a Box”

  1. this is like the coolest closet ever!

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