Tartan Army

Basler is one of those companies that I really don’t pay much attention to because it’s well…. boring. It’s a classic brand aimed at the 50+ market and doesn’t really appeal to me as its far too staid for my own personal style but that’s OK because I’m not the target customer.  A German brand with around 200 UK stockists it’s very popular with department stores and independent retailers alike, so I tend to bump into it fairly frequently but don’t take much notice. When I was in Harrod’s last week Basler was one of the look books I picked up and I was surprised to see  a couple of  items that I actually like. A lot. The first is the very on trend dip dyed grey leather jacket from Thursday’s post, the second is this:


The tartan fabric, diagonal front, the wide, curved collar and revers, the fitted shape- remind you of anyone? VIVIENNE WESTWOOD! 

Our Viv

Image from style.com

I didn’t linger at the Basler rail in Harrod’s so I didn’t see the price but going by other Basler jackets I’ve seen I estimate it probably costs  around £300.

I’ve done a bit of looking around and found some other items to complete the Westwood look…


Jacket- Basler, Skirt £28, Evans, Bodysuit £20 Simply Be, Shoes £60 Office.

Now for the good news- Basler are all set to launch a contemporary premium brand with more on trend looks called MYBC for spring 2010. However, prices will be around 25% higher (groan) than the mainline and the main brand is being re branded to become Basler Black. I may not be expanding my wardrobe with any items from either collection but I welcome the new range with open arms and can’t wait to see what it brings.



2 Comments on “Tartan Army”

  1. My mom loves that brand. Unfortunately they’ve just stopped carrying it here. *sigh* I got a fantastic metallic grey leather jacket from them last year.

  2. christina says:

    omg that blazer is soooo hot! i need that in my possession! i immediately thought of viviene westwood too.

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