Double Happy

I went to Fattyland again today and I nearly backflipped when I saw that they have a new selection of opaque tights in store- YAY! After months upon months of  there being no opaques at all they suddenly have loads in around 5 or so different shades. Its all well and good that they’re there but do they fit or have they just repackaged the old  ill fitting ones? With trepidation I bought a pair in size 3 and I’ve just tried them on. Jumping Jehozefat- I can actually get them up to my waist. Not only that but they’re comfortable.  The double happy is because after months of searching Ebay I finally found a pair of brand spanking new shoes from Evans (again) that I missed out on when they were in the shops. They’ve arrived, I’ve worn them and they’re fab. Happy happy, joy joy!


11 Comments on “Double Happy”

  1. Cool! I’ll definitely order some! The only tights I love are from Spanx but they are so expensive.

  2. This color combo is perfection. I have some shoes that color that I was going to pair with a darker blue, but after seeing this, I think a lighter blue would be banoodles.

  3. StephanieDJL says:

    oo I think I’m in love! I’ll be raiding Evans asap ;D

  4. Vanoue says:

    awww I like the color and will try to order some as well!

  5. K.Kendi says:

    *drool*~~~~ love the style and color!! ❤

  6. christina says:

    cute! i have a soft spot for turquoise so i’m in love! i really want some opaque white ones for the fall so i’m keeping my fingers crossed they sell some!

  7. bloomie says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m already scouring the web for tights to fit me (it’s like they all run out by early October). Perhaps Evans will be added to the list.

  8. lucy says:

    A very late comment, but yes — the Evans opaques are fab, huge improvement on their previous versions! Deena, I am your body twin (except that I am old, make boring fashion choices, and am white), and I wear anything from a UK 22-28 on bottom depending on the cut. Tried Evans tights once last year and they were hopeless, crotch between the knees in size 3 hopeless. On your rec, went and bought a purple pair last week, put them on today, and they are excellent. Super stretchy, comfy, and great colours. Go Evans, and go Deena!

  9. […] Shoes: Evans. Bought two days ago after passing through the store and seeing them on sale for a tenner- bargainicious! They are exactly the same as this pair. […]

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