Even More Jumpsuit Lovin’ Ladies

Its been a while since I rabbited on about how fantastic jumpsuits are and how you don’t have to be skinny to wear one etc etc so let me get right back on board that bus again and alert you to the consistently superbly attired lady (I have forgotten her name. oops- terrible faux pas) from Blog de Big Beauty. She is wearing the hell out of the Beth Ditto for Evans blue jumpsuit and making me reconsider not buying it. I’ve been thinking about this jumpsuit a lot lately and I might just cave in having seen Ms Big Beauty in it.

While I’m on the subject of that particular jumpsuit may I also bring your attention to Bethamint from the Fatshionista Flickr page who is also wearing said item marvellously well. I am weakening by the minute.


3 Comments on “Even More Jumpsuit Lovin’ Ladies”

  1. bloomie says:

    My British friend tried to convince me that I should order it when I was doing my big Ditto Evans order. I laughed at her suggestion.

    These ladies do however rock the look quite well.

  2. Bethamint says:

    Stephanie is the girl from le blog de big beauty.
    But thanks for featuring me too ❤

  3. BigBeauty says:

    Hi Deena,
    thank you for the link and your comment on my blog. This jumpsuit is really a master piece of Ditto’s collection, don’t hesitate!!

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