She Was a Showgirl

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Yes, I know, I’ve been neglecting you. My blogging has been very thin on the ground over the past few weeks, partly because I’ve been super busy with life and work etc and partly because I’ve been high on the smell of Lola which has KO’d my old favourite Flowerbomb, and I’ve crowned it the bestest perfume in. the. WORLD. If you haven’t smelt it yet you really should……

5 Comments on “She Was a Showgirl”

  1. i am in love with the bottle!

  2. Megan E. says:

    Trumps Flowerbomb? Impossible… Really? This kind of turns my world upside down 😉

    • Deena says:

      YUP. Flowerbomb is a very hard act to beat and I really didn’t think I’d like Lola as I haven’t liked any Marc Jacobs fragrance to date but this has hit the spot. I’ve been looking for a FB replacement for a while as I’ve bought FAR too many bottles of it over the past few years. I usually buy one bottle of something and move on. FB had me hooked!

  3. Rejina says:

    I absolutely agree; the scent is LUSH. And the bottle design? So pretty! All in all: to die for.

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