I Love Colours Too

I am in a tights crisis. Correction- I was in a tights crisis but We Love Colors came to my rescue. I’ve tried brightly coloured tights from just about every single retailer that claims their tights will fit me and each time they’ve come up short. I’ve worn coloured opaques before but I’ve only ever been able to get them just over my bum, never up to my waist so I’ve had to try and inconspicuously pull them up every 500 metres or so which I can get away with it at work but not when out walking about. Also, because of the VTL (visible tights line) I could only wear them with skirts that flared from the waist, not straight skirts. You won’t be surprised to hear that they spent more time in my drawer than on my body- who wants to put up with that? I tried tights from the Inspire range at New Look and they did actually make it to my waist but they were really thin, poor quality and were only good for one wear before the crotch exploded. I still have an unopened pair but I know that once I wear them that’s it so I’m kinda saving them for God knows what. As far as black opaques go I’ve had more success in an Ebay retailer I turned to every year but she has since ceased trading- hence the crisis. My next stop was We Love Colors.

I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about ordering from them because I’ve read old reviews about their plus size tights being of inferior quality and with the whole international shipping thing too which can sometimes be a pest. More recently though I’ve read some very good reviews about their new improved quality so I took the plunge and placed an order.

I ordered a pair of royal blue regular tights and black footless tights. So as not to be burnt again by too small tights I ordered a size bigger than what the size chart suggested and went with size EE rather than the E as I’d rather them be too big than too tight. My order arrived two days ago and I am extremely happy with my purchase.


My first impression was hmmm as I thought the blue pair looked ever so slightly fluffy, like they had been washed. I guess that’s just a result of the dying process but I didn’t let it bother me as I was more concerned with the fit. I tried them on and you know what- they’re too big. TOO BIG!!!! Talk about happy. Tights are NEVER too big for me so this is a completely new experience but it means that the WLC size chart can be trusted. The tights are super stretchy and soft and glide on with ease and as they’re too long I pretty much pull them over my boobs.  No more stretching them before I put them on and no more bending backwards so they get over my bum. The only thing I didn’t like about them was that the toe is cut and stitched rather than being fully fashioned. The picture is poor but you can kinda see what I mean.

It makes me wonder if that will make them prone to laddering easily from the toe but hopefully that won’t happen as they are not being stretched to the limit. Maybe I’m just examining them too much but thats what I do with everything.

How will I wear them? Like this……

Vintage dress

or like this….

New Look dress

Piss poor pics as I no longer have my usual camera so can only take fuzzy photos for a while. 

I’m wearing the black footless tights today and they’re long enough for me to pull right over my feet and turn into makeshift tights and still be comfortable enough for me to bound up the stairs two at a time without worrying about the  crotch splitting. Hell, I think I could do cartwheels in these and they’d be fine. I will definitely be ordering more colours even though I do have to pay sodding customs charges- because I’m worth it. 🙂

There is another recent WLC review at The Pretty Pear.

*internet connection is restored- business as usual thanks to a call centre operator who didn’t sound like a robot and made no attempt at smalltalk, not even through the long pauses while I rebooted my computer. More of this please. *


22 Comments on “I Love Colours Too”

  1. Kath says:

    I wear mine a lot. A REAL lot. And they haven’t laddered, pilled, stretched, come apart at the seams or lost any colour.

    They are however too big for me, as I did the same as you did – bought a size up because I usually find they’re too small for me. And I bought the solid colour ones. I intend to go down a size and buy the lycra blend ones next time, I’ve heard they fit better and are nicer.

    We Love Colors ROCKS!

  2. emmme says:

    The tights are cute too, but that vintage dress has me green…

  3. lilli says:

    They look great! Maybe I should give WLC a go after all…

  4. Elle Woods says:

    I love the second dress. where can i get it from? plssssss

    • Deena says:

      I bought it from New Look a few months back. Its no longer available on their website but you could try Ebay.

      • Elle Woods says:

        Thanks…cant seem to find em on ebay. Maybe im not searching right. Is it possible to give a list of UK websites that have nice dresses and also deliver to the states? I know its a lot to ask but pretty please…you guys have the best shopping over there.

      • Deena says:

        No prob. The ones I can think of right now are: Dorothy Perkins, Evans, New Look, Topshop (great accessories but they don’t do plus sizes). For dresses my favourite is Dorothy Perkins although they only go up to size UK22.

  5. Aysha says:

    I just discovered this brand yesterday and I am glad to read your review. I want to get the solid colors, not too much into brights but I think dark colors would do better, I like the blue you choose and btw you look fab in that dress 🙂

  6. Emily says:

    I too did the ‘buy a size bigger’ thing when I got a few pairs but boy is it good to have tights sans paranoia! Hadn’t looked for ages and am loving the footless range.

    Oh and I adore both your dresses; you’re looking particularly spiffy in the New Look outfit I must say.

  7. Frances says:

    I looove my WLC tights!

    I bought the solid colours (US$9) first time around, but they had terribly sagging at the knees and ankles. Very annoying.

    I replaced them with the nylon/lycra blend (US$15) and they are the biz. I’ve got red, yellow and turquoise and they are fabber than fab.

    I’m trying to decide what I want next… Kelly Green? Orange? Royal Blue? I’m tempted to get one of those crazy splash ones….

  8. Kate F says:

    I love, love, love that vintage dress on you. It’s just beautiful and amazing with those tights. You are a fashion icon girl.

    Thanks for keeping us updated.

  9. Clare says:

    Oh my gosh, those tights are sweet!! And I LOVE the way that you’ve already styled the blue ones…can’t wait to see what other combinations you come up with!

  10. Kate F says:

    BTW, I _love_ the line about the exploding crotch. That still has me giggling. Just another worrying from the lingerie drawer, lurking potential WMDs.

    • Deena says:

      *smiling* “exploding crotch” is a phrase I borrowed from something I read online so I can’t take credit for it. Its such a good phrase I had to use it. I think it might have been the fatshionista site but it was a while ago and I can’t remember exactly.

  11. Peta says:

    Glad you liked yours because I went by the size chart and order the biggest size and it was still to small.

  12. i adore bright tights! such a great look! you look fabulous!

  13. Thanks for the review! I have been thinking about ordering from them, and now I must expedite that order!

  14. Nefertiti says:

    j adore la premiere tenue,trop classe ! ;O)

  15. Nazreel says:

    I bought them last year and they were too small and I got the biggest size! 😦

    I’m only 5’2″ and a size 26 but have very chunky thighs and fluid retention in my legs. I was bitterly disappointed.

    Anyone know of any other good makes?

    • Deena says:

      Did you buy the lycra ones or the plain nylon?

      I went to Evans today and they have a lot of new bright colour tights in. I am giving them one last final try. I bought the size 3 in jade. They look promising. If they don’t fit I’m swearing off Evans tights forever.

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