The Ultimate Little Black Dress

Arrrrgh! I’ve had no internet connection at home since Thursday and I miss it far more than I think I should. I hate call centre workers with their forced cheer and over politeness, it just incenses me further and makes me want to hang up, but of course hanging up isn’t going to fix anything. I’m still not back online and am using someone elses computer so blogging might be a bit erratic for a few days, no Photoshop so no outfit posts either.  Sigh.

Before my technology breakdown I discovered a new website which takes the What Katie Wore idea to a new level and has become a daily stop for me.

The Uniform Project is the brainchild of Sheena Matheiken to raise funds for the Akanksha Foundation, a non profit organisation which is dedicated to educating underprivileged children in India. Sheena has bravely set herself the task of wearing one dress every day for a year in an exercise in sustainable fashion  and to support the cause. I call this endeavour brave because the sheer thought of having to think up 365 different ways of wearing the same item is enough to give me brainache, plus, I would probably give up after a month with all that outfit planning.  I choose what to wear based on whats clean and doesn’t need ironing and rarely sort my clothes out the night before. This sort of daily wardrobe calculation would turn me grey. 

It works like this- there are  seven identical dresses designed by Sheena’s friend and designer Eliza Starbuck which she will wear in a different way every day for 365 days. The dress is designed so it can also be worn back to front and has a button front for maximum versatility. Each day the dress is accessorised, layered and styled in all manner of ways, utilising an array of  accessories and a whole lot of creativity. It’s a great idea for a worthy cause to which I will definitely be donating. Also, on a personal note its inspiring to see how inventive you can be with limited resources. The dress is always the same but the other items Sheena wears come from various sources- eBay, Etsy, vintage shops and donations, which has given me another excuse to go rummaging through charity shops and my mother’s wardrobe to see what accessories I can find to update any clothing I’m bored with. I have a black dress in a similar style and shape as the one used in the project so I can see myself replicating a few looks but maybe for 3 days- not 365.

The Uniform Project


3 Comments on “The Ultimate Little Black Dress”

  1. franzi says:

    oh i really like the back-to-front idea! it doesn’t look lie the same dress at all. gosh, wish i was creative like that.

    though, when i was in africa and had to live with 5 shirts and 2 pairs of pants for 3 months, it worked – gotta live with what you have and not cry over spilt milk.

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