Mica Paris for Simply Be

Mica Paris, soul singer turned TV presenter, has  added another feather to her hat by teaming up with Simply Be to design a collection for the fashion retailer.

I’ve had a look at it online and while its okay, I can’t say that I’m overly amped about it. There are no pieces that are enticing me to whip out the plastic and its all a bit middle of the road for the most part with the pics above being the strongest pieces from the collection. Its wearable and workable but for me, nothing stands out against anything else you might find in the other collections on the website, or anywhere else for that matter . If I’m honest though, I’m not sure what I would really expect from Mica Paris as she isn’t really distinctive as someone with particularly strong personal style or look like Beth Ditto, Kate Moss or even Lily Allen in her prom dress and trainers days. Mica is one half of the latest duo to present What Not to Wear  so its not like she has no style credentials at all. However, in her interview on the Simply Be website she does say, 

“The difference is that I’m not trying to be a designer; I’m just trying to show you how to put great clothes together for your body shape. I give you a guide based on what I think looks good on me whereas a designer just gives you a dress to wear. I think my range provides women who feel stifled by what they see on the catwalk with real fashion”.

Okay, but I would still loved to have seen a standout dress but maybe I’m being too harsh, esp as Mica herself stated her objective above which is more to do with acting as a guide to what looks good on a bigger body shape, not to set the world alight with stunning design.

On the plus side (no pun intended) I’m glad to see that Mica has brought back the body!



Since seeing all the minisule ones creep back into Topshop I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for one in my size and here it is! In the early 90’s I had one in every style, colour and variation possible. Long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, cotton, velvet, black, brown….. you get the picture. They were truly the basis of my entire wardrobe for work and play and now I get to do it all again- wha hey!

One other piece I quite like from this collection is this although at £60 I find it a bit pricey for a jacket with no sleeves. Or am I just a tightwad? 

It doesn’t look particularly inspiring in the pic above but view at it as a blank canvas. Think of the androgyenous style of La Roux and imagine the styling possibilities….

image from the London Evening Standard

image from the London Evening Standard

More styling ideas around this garment later in the week.

Mica Paris for Simply Be


8 Comments on “Mica Paris for Simply Be”

  1. Amy Doll says:

    I love the lace leggings, but £26!?! Nope, no way!

  2. Emily says:

    I really liked the collection, the thing being that it seems to be actually styled for a plus sized body, unlike a lot of the things SimplyBe sells. I got the dress and leggings above on pre-order so 10% off and am considering the off the shoulder top too, but I have an almost identical one from Evans so it seems a bit silly!
    The SimpleBe Autumn collection as a whole has some great pieces in, although not enough cool tops really for my liking. I mean how hard can it be to upscale some of the things you get in TopShop, Urban Outfitters, Miss S etc etc.?!?!

  3. I do agree, it’s really n,ot the best collection ever…
    I did not know Mica Paris, and I think that she’s gorgeous, but… she doesn’t really wear plus size, she’s a normal 14, isn’t she? I would really have prefered to see a real plus size personality (& with personality)…

    ~ Lolit of modern times ~

  4. lifestartsnow says:

    that’s a jacket with no sleeves? looks like a dress to me.


  5. bluerose says:

    Just delurking to congratulate you with the purple face sweater. It really looked amazing on you.

  6. Anneleen says:

    Another lurker coming out of the closet. Love your blog!

    I actually really like this stuff. Very wearable and chique. That’s probably because my personal style is also not really ‘out there’, either.

    You are right though when you say it doesn’t really add anything to the existing collections.

    Rock on!

  7. Hayley says:

    The SimplyBe Autumn/Winter catalogue dropped through my door a couple of days ago, I wasn’t thrilled at the Mica collection either.

    I think the purple v-neck jumper looks nice (Item: AV 695 HW) but that was the only thing I’d consider buying from it.

    I was also really disappointed at the Anna Scholz stuff – I didn’t even notice it was her design the first time I flicked through because it just didn’t look good enough!

    Their workwear seems to have improved a lot this year though, I’ve got corners of pages folded down all over the place for work clothes!

    Got to say that these days, I’m loving Evans and Dorothy Perkins (up to 22) at the moment, just ordered all my honeymoon clothes from them 😀

    Love the blog!

  8. thepocketrocket says:

    I always have high hopes when Simply Be arrives, but it never fails to disappoint! I think its target demographic is different to us – aimed at someone older, less confident in their body, etc. Ah well. There are some decent pieces, but for example the mesh/lace LBDs are a whole YEAR behind!

    Btw, I have commented before as Lauren, but I’ve just started a little fashion blog of my own. Probably won’t be as good as this one, though! x

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