Item of the week 27/07/09

I love the high street. I love its audacity when it blatantly rips things off, a la the Balmain/ Asda (Asmain? Basda?) dress, but what I like even more is when they actually use the skills of their design team to design a garment similar to a catwalk gem without carbon copying it. As much as the rip offs make me giggle and keep me on lawsuit lookout, I find it more satisfying and intriguing to see the high end influences in something rather than just look at a cheap effortless straight copy of the original.

Like this dress from Next, for instance (centre)-

Catwalk images from, main image from

One look at it and I instantly saw the reference  to the debut catwalk collection from Mary Katrantzou even though it’s very much watered down. I’m glad Next didn’t use an actual perfume bottle for the placement print although a bottle shape is suggested with the narrower boxes at the top. The striped background reminds me of the yellow and white striped box of the Georgio Beverly Hills perfume so there’s another slightly more obscure perfume reference there too.

There is a part of me that thinks its a bit of a shame that Mary Katrantzou is being referenced so early in her career as a designer when the A/W ’09 collection was her first runway show, but as a new designer its confirmation that you are doing something right if the major high street players are mimicking your look.

Geometric tunic- Next, Sizes 6- 22 £28

Geometric tunic- Next, Sizes 24- 28 £28


5 Comments on “Item of the week 27/07/09”

  1. Lauren says:

    I have to say I’m pleased Mary Katrantzou collection is being referenced in the high street, it has probably been my favourite show this year!

  2. Kacie says:

    I love the actual designer dress but the knock off is just awesome. If next ships to the US I may just have to buy it. Do they run small or large? For reference I seem to take a 24 at Evans, though I have never bought a dress there.

    • Deena says:

      I’ve never bought anything from Next so I really don’t know! If anyone else can comment that would be great as I’d love to know myself.

      • Kacie says:

        You should buy it and wear it for the both of us since from what I’m seeing they don’t ship to the US. Sadtown.

  3. Anna says:

    I have about a size 28 in Evans dresses, and I would say that the two Next dresses I have in 28 run a bit large.

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