Lettucewatch- The Update

 You know you hear the stories of expectant mothers who think they’re having twins but when they have the scan a third baby pops up onto the monitor? Well thats what it was like with my lettuces. I thought there were seven then while I was clearing up my mess I discovered another seedling almost stifled by all the soil I had unintentionally covered it with. So then there were eight. Unfortunately, Thomasina died not long after being repotted- she was the smallest of the lot and just too frail and weak to survive outside in the big wide world but she will not be forgotten.

There’s another addition to the rosso clan- Gertrude. She shares a large pot with three of her other siblings and as you can see they are growing nicely without disagreement.

Despite being the lollo with the most individual growing space, Percival is proving to be a proper slacker and is the one showing the least progress. If he doesn’t buck up his ideas soon he will get fed to the cat.

The cat- Fluffy McJingles. He'll eat anything if theres cat fud on it.


3 Comments on “Lettucewatch- The Update”

  1. FrumpyGibbon says:

    Ha! Go you and go lettuces! At least they are still in summer mode!

    Are these the sort you have to eat as they grow or do you need to wait till they are a fully-fledged lettuce? There are some types you can just start eating before they form a full head of lettuce or they will go bitter.

  2. miggyfrompout says:

    Fashionistas who like to grow veggies – that’s what I like to see! I’m pretty obsessed with my vegetable garden this summer….pics on my blog soon.



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