Back in Evans- AGAIN

So today I was back there again trying on more clothes and doing more shopping. This time I bought the domino dress and a plain white vest from the Evans main range which I forgot even existed because the only thing I paid any attention to yesterday was the BD range. Can I just say at this point that there are some great items in the main range too. I had a swift look around today and there are some quirky pieces that really compliment the BD range and some other items with a more romantic and feminine feel that would be ideal for lovey dovey warm summer evenings out.

There were three people in store who I assume were from the Evans head office as I heard an assistant mention “a big visit this afternoon”. The people who I assumed were from head office were standing to one side of the BD collection talking about sales figures and whatever else and of course I wanted to eavesdrop but I didn’t. However, one woman came over to me who I think was the area manager and she asked me if I was the woman who was taking photos yesterday. For a split second I thought- oh shit, then as soon as I had that thought I remembered that I did actually ask for permission before I started snapping away on the sales floor because the last thing I wanted to do is get thrown out of the shop where I buy most of my clothes. The assistant I asked went out back to ask a senior staff member and it might have been this lady who gave me the OK.

I wasn’t in trouble, she simply asked me what I thought of the range and I gave her some feedback. But you know what? I really wished I could magic you all up from wherever you all were at about 1.30 GMT this afternoon so you could tell her your thoughts. I told her about what I loved- the domino prints, the crop jacket (I had both in my hands) and the jumpsuit (although I did tell her I wished it was full length) and what I didn’t like- the cape thing. We had a brief discussion about the kitty top where she said they hadn’t sold many in that particular store even though it was in prime position at the front of the store, facing outwards. I can understand that not selling though so I’m not surprised. Ms Manager Lady also asked me several other questions including would want to see more from Beth Ditto after this collection? I wanted to scream the loudest shrillest scream I could muster in response but instead I gave her a firm “definitely,” and “while you’re at it could you please bring back the Georgina Goodman for Evans collection”.

I could have chewed that poor woman’s ear off for an hour but I had to hold back the absolute torrent of thoughts and ideas I have and try not to come across like an over excitable loony. She asked me- “what did you do with the photos, did you show your friends?” I replied, “I put them on the internet” to which she seemed a bit surprised. I never actually mentioned the blog though, I just left it vague. However, I we got our wires crossed because I for some reason thought she also knew about the pics in the fitting room and started talking about how there was a great response to the photos as people were happy to be able to see the garments on a real body rather than just in an online store. She looked at me a bit strangely so now I’ve confirmed to her that I really am a loon. I’m sure she must have figured out about the fitting room pics and I hope Evans don’t mind. Everyone does it don’t they? Plus I did buy stuff too. I’d hate to have another Hogg- gate situation arise.

Enough writing- here are some more photos!

The jacket!!! Before the launch it wasn’t something I had my eye on but now I’ve tried it on I really like it. The biggest they had was a 24 so I squeezed myself into it. I couldn’t do it up but at least you can kinda see how it would fit if it was the correct size. I think its fab!

Horrid. This is the only thing I tried on where I thought- what the fuck? You know how in the press interviews about the range they’ve said that Mama Cass was one of the influences? Well this is Mama Cass from beginning to end and its horrid. Typical fat girl clothing- big and shapeless. I tried on the size 28 and it was too big  but even a smaller size wouldn’t have saved it. Remember the bat like creature from Jeepers Creepers? that’s what I looked like.

This I was unsure of. It looked very big on the hanger so I tried on the size 22/24. The top underneath fit too snug but the purple bit was fine. Its not something I would buy but it wasn’t terrible although I look like a druid with the hood up. The spotty leggings I love- they were a size 28.

I also tried on the other black jacket which I really like although the size 26/28 was too big. I am on the lookout for a new black casual jacket so that could well be it.

PS- I saw another woman in the fitting room trying on the purple sequin weather girls top and she looked stunning. I seem to have left my steel balls at home though today as I was feeling a bit too shy to ask her for a photo, but take it from me- she looked great in it.

PPS- I have just checked out the Young Fat and Fabulous blog and there is an online discount code- evesu94. This will give you £5 off any purchase from the range until July 14th.


31 Comments on “Back in Evans- AGAIN”

  1. Vanoue says:

    Well I love the jacket!!
    Thanks for showing us this! You should have told them we need an Evan’s store in France ^^
    I am so jealous I can’t try all thes stuffs by myself and have to order and wait until they arrive to know if I really look good inside!!!
    -me crying!!!-

  2. Frances says:

    I’ve got a PVC biker jacket I can’t do up. It’s way too small and the PVC makes me sweat, but I feel like Pat Benatar SO I LOVE IT. This jacket gives off the same ‘Love is a Battlefield’ vibe (=amazing), but I’m too scared of weird sizing to order it online.

    I wasn’t sure about the purple dress either, but you look really good in it!

  3. Valerie - Blog to be Alive says:

    I hope they’ll eventually stock the jacket in your size because it looks fab on you!

    The hoodie/leggings are OK apart but together it feels too much like a pyjama I think. :/

  4. lifestartsnow says:

    that first outfit looks fabulous! the colors and the style look great on you!


  5. laurakeet says:

    Thanks for another review! That biker jacket is really great, and I love the top you wore underneath it, too (which I’m thinking you wore into the shop?). As Frances said above, I wasn’t sure about the purple dress but it looks great on you! I’m in the U.S. and debating ordering online–would be my first time with UK sizing, let alone Evans, so fingers crossed if I do order I make it all work as well as you do!!

    • Deena says:

      Hi Laurakeet- yes, the top underneath is what I wore to the shop. Its something I bought around Feb but am only just getting round to wearing. Good luck with ordering!

  6. Letilor says:

    Hello miss, i toke some pictures of you with evans clothes to add tom y article of Beth Ditto collection. A add also a link to your blog for source.
    Big Kiss

  7. Emily says:

    The jacket looks really good! And I love the New Look top with it too, great outfit all round 🙂

  8. emmme says:

    You are rocking that jacket! I’ve always been unsure of cropped jackets with my big boobs but you may have just converted me…

  9. tnt says:

    long time lurker…but that purple hooded top thingy is screaming ME!!! i love stuff like that. pitty that im in the states and the collection is based in the UK.

    le sigh

    maybe one day i can get it off of ebay or something

    • Deena says:

      Evans delivers to the US too…… I reckon its only a matter of time before Sir Phillip Green opens his first stateside Evans store. I say 2 years before the rumours start circulating. I’m giving it that timeframe because Evans will need around that amount to time to see how well their new younger upbeat style performs and plan their next move. I’ve got my eyes on them…..

  10. Swellanor says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for posting all these photos! I’ve been dying to see these clothes in some other context than promotional materials, esp. since I live in the US and won’t get to see them in person.

    I came to this blog via a chain of links about this collection, but I recognize you from the Fatshionista Flickr pool! I always enjoy your creative outfits and your fierce sense of style. I’ll be reading you blog from now on!

  11. amanda says:

    Thank you so much for trying on the clothes! It is so refreshing to see what they look like on a real size body.

    I live in the US and I was contemplating purchasing a few pieces, but with the international shipping charges (and let alone return shipping) I have to be absolutely sure before I purchase.

    I am thinking about the domino dress, but am not sure that I could pull it off. You have to be able to really Work It with hair and makeup to not get washed away by the print! Also love the jacket.

  12. Ms. LMC says:

    I love that jacket and it seems like everyone else likes it too, won’t be surprised that it will be sold out quick. I’m jealous that you have actually been able to try it all on, but it’s helpful because I can see what they look like “live”.

  13. Nancy says:

    I just wanted to make a comment about the cape top, I wore mine with the jewelled belt and really liked it.

    The use of stretch heavy weight jersey across the collection is great, I hope everyone is enjoying there new purchases.

    • Deena says:

      Oh yes you should DEFINITELY send me a pic of you in the jersey cape to show me how its done as I obviously have no clue. I know some other readers like it too so if I’ve completely put them off they need you to restore the faith! fatgirlclothes at yahoo dot com!

  14. amanda says:

    you have really nice arms btw! look so great in sleeveless tops.

  15. Natalie says:

    You know what? I think you should have told them that you’re a fat fashion blogger, and you’d like to establish a relationship with them. You’ll never know what perks you get out of it – sneak peaks, free clothes, eeek!
    You should do up a little business card with your details and your url 😀

    • Deena says:

      I briefly thought about doing that but decided against it because I wasn’t sure whether or not it was a good idea. Now that you’ve verbalised my thoughts I’m having a serious re- think.

  16. Suzanna says:

    I’d like to thank you for posting those pictures and I think Evans should thank you too! Since we don’t have an Evans in The Netherlands, I looked online for info and came across your 1st BD collection blog post/photo shoot. I than bought the Domino Dress in Evans’s web shop on Thursday. Normally I wear a size 18, but when I saw the sizing chart I ordered a size 20 (fits exactly my measurements) just to be on the safe side. And guess what: They delivered my purchase on Monday (fast service!), the dress its self looks absolutely great (I love it!), but it’s slightly too small! It just clings too much to my belly and has a too tight fit around my arms I think. Anyway, I love Beth Ditto’s collection and now I’m thinking of going to the UK or Ireland for a little holiday so I can shop, shop, shop (the BD collection) at Evans’s. Thank you for modelling and sharing your honest opinion with us and the Evans staff. Keep up the good work, I appreciate it very much!

  17. Elvira says:

    Thanks for posting those pics. I am new to your blog and I love it! Inspired by those pics I ordered some stuff from Evans myself(so happy that they deliver to The Netherlands.)

    Seeing the pic of you in the leather jacket I realise I would really love that piece of clothing too. I may buy it if I am happy with the clothing from Evans I already ordered.

    Please keep blogging, because I really enjoy your blog.

  18. jb says:

    I love that leather jacket on you! It is so cute!

  19. eima says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say again, thanks for trying on.
    My order arrived here today and I am sooooooooooo happy, everything fits perfect and yes, you helped me out, by seeing thing on a real woman.
    And if you want to see how it looks:

    Greeting from Germany ❤

    • Deena says:

      I just saw your pics and you look FABULOUS in EVERYTHING! How come everyone looks great in the sequin thing except me?! lol! I would have left a comment on your page but it wouldn’t load properly on my machine.

      • eima says:

        Thank you ;]
        ahh don’t worry, my mum said, I look like a diva xD
        Therefor I think the dominodress looks great on you.

  20. miggyfrompout says:

    I’m not at all surprised about the kitty top not selling well. When I visited the press preview, I thought it looked very out of place next to the rest of the collection.

    You look badass in the spotty blue top w/purple shoulder rosette! Go back and buy it!!


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