It’s Finally Here!!!

Let me tell you I LEAPT out of bed this morning full of the joys of a collection launch and was wearing a huge smile on my face even before I had my jump start coffee. No work today- I booked the day off as I have much more important things to concern myself with other than the routine toil.

I had considered going to London for the launch but after making enquiries I found out that Ms Ditto herself was not going to be making any appearances, plus I figured that my local store might be a bit quieter so stayed in Brum and made my way to the Pavillions, arriving five minutes after opening time.

Kid. Candy Store. You get the picture. Yes I’d already seen the majority of the collection online but the prospect of finally being able to try it on and see it face to face was what got me so excited and I walked in there fit to burst. I was greeted by a lovely bubbly assistant  who was informative and enthusiastically talked to me about the collections influences and was very helpful.

No, I'm not responsible for that top on the floor!

The collection looked even better up close and personal than it does online, looked great instore and would definitely catch your attention if you were walking past. It all seemed to be there minus the domino scarf and the belt though it is entirely possible that they were there but I didn’t see them.

Without wasting much time I loaded up my arms with goodies and hot footed it off to the fitting room.

First up was the cat print tee….

Now I really wasn’t sold on this when I first saw it online but its grown on me. It didn’t excite me but I’ve warmed too it. I would say its a tad to long for my liking as a long sleeved tee, but that’s just my personal preferences talking. Would I wear it? Yes- but shorter. How can I say no to those big tearful  kitty eyes?

Next up- the jumper dress…

This number made my heart race! I love, love, LOVE IT but at £65 its a bit more than I would want to pay at the moment due to me being a brokeass but I’ve entered the competition on so if my stars are in alignment I might be able to win one! Also, I can’t justify buying a jumper dress in the middle of summer when I won’t be able to wear it til September/ October, so while I’m wanting one badly I have to wear my sensible hat and say no. Dammit.

The stained glass dress….

LOVE!!!!! The print is GORGEOUS and it fits well AND there are pockets which is an added bonus. There’s an elasticated section at the back to make the bust fit snugly and the dress comes with detachable straps. The only thing I didn’t like is that the bust area is cut for a much smaller bust than I have so the underbust seam wasn’t under my bust at all it was halfway up my boobs but I’m used to that with any dress cause my hooters are so damn big. You probably wouldn’t notice too much anyhow because of the pattern and it wouldn’t put me off I don’t think as I like the print too much. This dress gets two thumbs up from me.

The domino dress….

A little mirror action going on...

A little mirror action going on...

This also get two thumbs up plus a big toe too because its PERFECT. Its a perfect length for me to wear without having to necessarily wear leggings underneath if I don’t want to and its not made from flimsy fabric. PLUS its fully lined with a plain white stretch fabric throughout the body and sleeves which is a masterstroke because it means it creates a nice smooth line. That must surely have been Beth’s idea because I can’t see Evans coming up with that one on their own. Sorry Evans- but I don’t. The leggings are also cleverly cut to create a nice smooth silhouette with a hiiiiiiiigh double layer waistband that comes right under your boobs. Also, y’know how most leggings have each leg cut from one piece of cloth so that there is no side seam and they look like rectangular blocks? Well these are cut with SHAPE and the legs are constructed from a separate front and black piece like regular trousers so they fit better. PERFECT. I wouldn’t wear the dress and leggings together myself- I just wanted to do like Beth.

While I was in the fitting room I met this lady who was also trying on the domino dress and she looked STUNNING. She looked so good in it that I had to ask her for a photograph. She was unsure whether she should buy it or not but both myself and the sales assistant said it was a surefire winner so hopefully she did. Amid my excitement I forgot to ask for her name so I have no idea who she is. I hope she sees this though and lets me know! (update: this lovely lady found the blog and left a comment. Her name is Sam)

Bored yet? No? Good cause there’s more. I know you’re thinking- crikey, did that woman try on EVERYTHING? Well- pretty close to everything…….

The acid wash skirt! LOVE, pure love. (I really am wearing out that word in this post) Two way zip at the front- adjustable sexiness. The waistband is three quarters ribbed jersey which I didn’t like much, would have preferred it to be solid denim but it won’t put me off buying it.

Not for me at all but I’m sure it will look great on someone with smaller breasteses. There is bustier detailing on the print section but you can’t really tell from the photo.

The jumpsuit- OF COURSE I had to try this on! Waist upwards- love love LOVE. Waist down- not sure. The detailing on the top half is spot on- the banding across the back with the deep V, the button shoulders, the  insert at the neck and the fit- all perfect. I even like the idea of the harem style trouser but I just wish it was full length. I think it looks better on me in this pic than it did while I was parading around the fitting room- maybe I was just too self conscious. I kinda felt like it could do with a belt but I didn’t bring one into the fitting room to try out. I will try this on again I think with the right shoes and a belt because I love it lots and want to make it work. If you buy this, send me a photo!!

Not keen.

The jury is out on this one. I felt a bit like one of the weather girls in it but it looks great on Beth.

So what did I buy? I only bought the domino leggings because I don’t get paid til tomorrow but even then I’ll have to exercise much restraint as I could easily spend loads as there’s so much of it I want- not that I have loads to spend (damn you Evans for dropping this collection when I’m looking for a new job to better finance my fashion dreams!) but you know what I mean.

All in all its a great collection and I hope hope hope that we see a further collaboration between Evans and Beth next season and this isn’t just a one hit wonder.

OH- I almost forgot- check out the competition at website for your chance to win FIVE items among other prizes!


74 Comments on “It’s Finally Here!!!”

  1. Emmie says:

    Thank you SO much for showing lots of pictures. I ordered the domino dress and the stained glass prom dress and it seems we have similar bodyshapes so I’m now confident they will both look good on me. So happy!

  2. Emily says:

    D’ya know, I’m just so underwhelmed by the whole collection. I think maybe I was hoping for a surprise but I’d seen everything and nothing really screams at me.
    Having said that, I’m hankering after the face jumper dress (though it looks shorter than I’d like on you) and even though I wasn’t that sold on it, seeing the denim skirt on you has really changed my mind, you look fab in it!

  3. Sam says:

    Hi!! I’m the girl in the Domino dress and just wanted to say hi.

    Had a great time in store today and I totally agree that the staff were great and really enthusiastic about the range as a whole. I just hope Evans can keep producing great pieces.

    Sam x

    • Deena says:

      *waving* Hello Sam!! Yes, it was a lot a fun and I spent far longer trying stuff on than I had planned. Did you buy the domino dress? I too hope Evans keeps up the momentum because it would be sad to see them get complacent and slip back into their old ways.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Sam says:

        Hi Deena,

        I got the Domino dress and the high waisted leggings…which I would have bought ten pairs of if I had the cash as they did wonders for my tummy and bum! And I also bought the black strapless dress with the pockets.

        It was so satisfying, I haven’t enjoyed a shopping trip so much in a long time. Popped into topshop afterwards to look at the shoes and plain vests…the staff were vile and so unhelpful. So I headed straight back to Evans!

        I’ll send some pics of me out and about in the dresses. Get in touch if you ever need another “model”!! X

      • Sam says:

        Hi Deena,

        Its Sam again here. I’m living in New Zealand now but heard there is a new Beth Ditto range due out and wondered if you had the goss about release dates as I cant find details online and knew you would be the woman to ask!

        Sam x

      • Deena says:

        Hey Sam! Hope New Zealand is treating you well! I made enquiries with Evans about a B.D range this season and they have confirmed that there isn’t going to be one. VERY DISAPPOINTED! I was looking forward to it 😦

  4. Melissa says:

    Great to see the pics! How was the sizing on the domino dress? Already many of us over at Fatshionista have been discussing the sizing and what size to order as most of us are used to US sizing and a bit unsure/confused…..

    • Deena says:

      The sizing on the domino dress was pretty exact. In woven dresses I generally wear a size 28 and thats the size I tried in Evans. Even though its a stretch fabric its fairly firm so I know that if I had tried a size smaller it would have felt too tight even though its jersey- esp as its lined. The leggings were similar. I usually wear UK 26 jeans but the size 26 leggings were too tight to be really comfy. I could get them on but I could see the dominos streeeeeeetch and it didn’t look good or feel great so I bought a size 28.

  5. aperfectbag says:

    hi there…the kitten shirt is cute but you are right a little long. good choice with the leggings. i like the jumpsuit on you as well as the sequice top.

    did you try on the polka dot poncho? is it cute? i am here in the states and am wondering if it is worth purchasing. thanks.

    • Deena says:

      No, I wasn’t dawn to that particular item so I didn’t try it on. I did hold it up though and it appears to be a big circular shape with a line of vertical stitching between the body and the arms. Didn’t see anyone else try it on so have no idea what it looks like on the body.

  6. Magdalena says:

    WOW! Thank you for this post! As an American girl it is so nice to see someone REAL in the clothes. You look fab in all of them, especially the domino dress!!

  7. Samantha says:

    Thanks for trying (almost) everything on. It’s always good to see it on a real person, and the skinny girl in the promo’s does not count (i mean, that doesn’t tell me anything) 😉
    I REALLY wanted the face jumper thing SO much. But it’s lambwool and my mom says it not very easy to care for. So i decided not to get it.. boo. Acrylic Evans!!!! I did get the geo print top online. I was on the fence on the kittyshirt but decided against it. Which i maybe kinda regret a bit now.

  8. Tracy says:

    1. Acid wash goes against everything I hold pure in my heart, yet you make that skirt look so good. *shakes fist*

    2. What was the biker jacket like?

  9. […] Edit to add: Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too! has an excellent picture post covering most of the items in the collection. [link] […]

  10. Lauren says:

    I order the domino dress at 9am this morning and had to see your site to see it the items fit well. I am so glad you live near an actually store so I can see how the items fit and you should get everything you tried on it looks nice.

  11. Bree says:

    None of the stuff really appeals to me but I’m glad to see you posted pics of how it looks because I wear the same sizes you do and I have the same body type.

    P.S. The Weather Girls reference cracked me up.

  12. Sonya says:

    Omg, I didn’t initially like the Domino dress and just wanted the shoes, but now, after seeing it on so many people, I want it!

    • Sam says:

      The domino dress is really good quality and feels great on…so I’d recommend getting down to Evans asap! X

  13. Bianca says:

    I LOVE the stained glass dress, domino dress and the acid wash skirt on you. I think they look great, and hope you get the chance to grab them. 🙂

  14. lifestartsnow says:

    domino dress? wow!

    that purple top? not so much.


  15. eima says:

    OMG, thanks for trying so much things on. I am from Germany and bought the satin glass prom dress, the sequin top and the leather jacket, online in the morning, and can`t wait to get my thing ship over to here, but now, after seeing them on you, I just want it now now now!
    I like most of the stuff, even if there are somethings that wont fit into my wardrob, but its just great that evans did this thing together with here and I really hope, that they will habe more thing like that now [and that they soone open up stores in germany xD]

  16. buffPuff says:

    Just thought you’d like to know there’s some more of this range to come out at Christmas, (I guess the spider-web jumper is one of those things, as I didn’t see it Evans this morning). Also, Beth’s contracted to do another collection next year. This could be the start of something really good!

  17. hana says:

    im so buyin this stuff but it’ll hav 2 b l8r coz i am sooo broke right now 😦

  18. Amy says:

    The stained glass dress looks fantastic! I might have to make a trip to Birmingham tomorrow as the line isn’t in the Coventry store.

  19. hugh manatee says:

    I made a purchase online late last night, and I can’t wait to get it! I am going to wear the biker jacket with EVERYTHING! I really wanted the stained glass dress and face jumper but decided to pass on them but now your post is making me regret that… Your pictures and commentary are great, I wish I could have been there!

    • Jessy says:

      “I am going to wear the biker jacket with EVERYTHING!”

      This is exactly how I feel! This jacket is going to be my new go-to. I don’t care how dressed up or down I am, I am determined to make it work with everything I own, hahaha.

  20. Frances says:

    Thanks for the excellent modelling Deena and Sam!

    Ohhhh I’m so excited. I’ve got my eyes on the domino leggings and the bad-ass studded bag. Me and my teeny baps are also keen on that geoprint dress, thanks to you.

    I’m a bit worried about ordering online, though… sizing guides tell me that I wear a size 16 on top and a size 20 on the bottom, but experience tells me that I’m a size 16. Wahhhh.

  21. Frances says:

    PS. D, you look fab in that stained glass dress. You better go back and get it or I will e-slap you.

  22. CurveSmart says:

    Thanks for putting up the photos Deena – you go ahead and rock those leggings for those of us not so brave…..!!!

  23. Natalie says:

    You are awesome for taking all these photos, I was drinking them all right up 😀 Frances is right – the stained glass dress looks amazing on you!

  24. christina says:

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS! it makes such a difference to see the clothing on a person.

    ugh, i wish i was in the UK for this. i am going to so poor for another week after tomorrow. i’m happy that there are still things in stock online so all hope is not lost for me 😀

  25. Coco B. says:

    Hey Deena!

    So I was wondering if you could do us all a huge favor??

    I kinda have the same body type as you and I was wondering if you might be able try on the Moto Jacket and take a pic? I don’t know if it’s possible but it’s one of the things that I want the most besides the acid wash pencil skirt (thanks for modeling it btw, cause now I want it even more).

    I am really afraid to buy it. My concerns are the fit in the chest area and how far up or down it comes on the mid section.

    Thanks so much!

    • Deena says:

      When I was in Evans yesterday the biggest size they had in the jacket was a 22 and I’m a 26/28 so I didn’t get the chance to try it on. I’m going back today for my domino dress ( or will it be the denim skirt?) so I will see if they have any more and will gladly take pics

  26. Maria says:

    God, you’re so lucky to have an Evans so close to you. Stupid America!

  27. Jasper says:

    I was so excited about the range! I refreshed the Evans site about 150 times, waiting for the purchasing to go live. I ended up buying the domino dress and leggings and I cannot wait until they arrive! I’m looking forward to your outfits with the leggings – I need inspiration! I really liked the geo sequin prom dress, but it was a bit expensive for me. Oh well, still happy with my purchases.

    I hope you win the knit dress, because you look fantastic in it!

  28. Vanoue says:

    I NEED to try these stuffs on but I need a visa to go to UK 😦 so sad!!!
    Anyway, I LOVE the jumpsuit on you!

  29. Wow! Thank you so much for writing this – its the most comprehensive review of the range i’ve seen so far!! I am trapped in bed with wretched swine flu and cant get to try anything on – i hope there’s still some left when I get down next week!

  30. Frances says:

    Eeeeeee I just ordered my domino leggings!

  31. Thanks for all the pictures!

    I honestly think that the jumpsuit looks fab on you!

  32. gabi says:

    thanks so much for the pics, deena! i wish i had $ so i could actually buy some of this stuff. i love most of it…BUT PLEASE for the love of god do not buy that cat shirt, it’s absolutely terrible (and this is coming from someone who loves ironic/vintage things).

    • Deena says:

      LOLOLOLOL!!! OK, I won’t 🙂 It wasn’t on my must have list but even when it goes on sale I will walk the other way. I don’t usually take shopping direction from anyone but on this occasion I will make an exception as I trust your judgement!

  33. Lisa says:

    all of you are lucky to get such nice clothes… i wish i could purchase the stained glass dress or the domino dress…but there’s no evans in my country! 😦

    well, anyway, happy shopping! 🙂

  34. Rebecca says:

    You look amazing – I love the domino dress on you.

  35. Sammy says:


    You do know that you can order online right? I dont have an Evans in my country either (Holland). I just ordered the biker jacket, its just a real shame it isn’t made of leather 😦
    The rest of the collection is too ‘loud’ for me…love a more classic style 😛 .
    Thanks for the pics though Deena! (love your blog!)

  36. Ashlee says:

    Deena, that jumpsuit looks marvelous on you!

  37. […] over at Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too has done a really in-depth post on the Beth Ditto for Evans collection, with the classic “changing-room photo montage”. I love the […]

  38. Rach says:


    Thanks for posting – I have been admiring the stuff, but the pictures on the site made me unsure as to whether it would suit “normal” ladies or not!

    I am definately going to head into town on my lunch hour tomorrow to have a look at the stain glass prom dress – I need a new one for a party at the weekend!! (just got to hope my boobs fit in!!)

    xxx thanks again!

  39. Kate F says:

    I loved you in the acid wash skirt. I actually wouldn’t have thought twice about it before seeing a real-sized gal in it. But you looked fantastic! I also loved you in the leather jacket and the “face” jumper dress. I liked the domino dress with the contrasting black leggings better than the domino leggings

    Now that I’ve seen your photographs I’m much more inclined to buy some items as before I just couldn’t imagine a cropped leather jacket on someone with my huge-sized breasts !

    Thanks again.

  40. Nancy says:

    Wow, I am glad someone else was as excited as me, I do not live close enough to a store so was awake at 6am, before I went to work to order some bits.

    I got the domino dress, face jumper, dotted cape, moto jacket, stainglass dress and the belt.

    I love it all, I wore the jumper at the weekend as it was overcast and it was perfect. I am so please everyone loves it too. I went to London at the weekend and the oxford street store had sold out on day one! They were hoping for more stock, they were all gather around me in my jumper looking at it as the staff had not even seen it!.

    I love this site I will be bookmarking it

  41. this post is awesome! i really love the ditto clothes & the photos! everything is really cute! i’m glad i came across this blog!

  42. […] As Deena mentioned in her post, these are brilliant leggings. They have been cut and sewn like a pair of pants, so they actually fit my thighs and arse (o, happy day!). The huge double-layered waistband almost comes up to my boobs, eliminating the severe muffin-top I usually get from leggings and tights. They’re also spectacularly garish which is right up my alley. I bought a size 18 and they fit perfectly. […]

  43. […] Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too has a comprehensive post about the line with fitting room pictures too! […]

  44. zimchick1 says:

    Just found your site – its amazing! I love the beth ditto range and bought the purple swirly tunic top, black leggings, denim skirt and also the jumpsuit, but i cant decide whether it looks good or not! what did you decide in the end?!

    • Deena says:

      I was thinking about that jumpsuit over the weekend when I wore my black one I got a few months back. I haven’t been back to try it on yet but I will do- with belt and correct shoes. I’m sure it looks great on you! Maybe you’re unsure because you’re just not used to wearing an all in one garment, maybe.

      • zimchick1 says:

        Yeh I think your right have never worn a jump suit, but have been looking for a nice one for AGES! where did you get your black one if you don’t mind me asking?!

        jumpsuit does look much better with a belt, what kind of shoes would you wear with it? Think I am going to have a play with this later and decide if do like it, I really want to like it but not sure if it suits me and don’t want to convince myself wrongly – ha sorry shall stop rambling now! Sarah

      • Deena says:

        I bought mine from Evans. Its full length, black, sleeveless and has a cowl neck. You can see me in it here…

        I have some white sling back heels that I will try on with it and will try on the belt that I am wearing in the pics in the link above, or maybe a white belt if I can find one.

  45. […] the fatshion extravaganza, this collection didn’t grab me as much as the last year’s. Last year was pure 80s kitsch – bold prints, sequins and shapes not often associated with mainstream plus size fashion. It […]

  46. Tasha says:

    Where can I purchase the face jumper dress and other products by beth ditto? whem I go to Evans web page there is no items for her line.

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