Katie’s Wardrobe Remixes

As well as the you- know- what feature in last week’s Grazia there was also a three page spread on one of my favourite blogs. What Katie Wore is, in my humble opinion, the best wardrobe blog that there is because every single outfit requires more than a casual glance for you to appreciate it fully. The blog is authored by Katie’s boyfriend Joe who has challenged her to wear a different outfit every day for a year and is documenting the results. Yes Katie is small but that’s not the point. The point is that I love the unorthodox way she puts her clothes together. She co-ordinates the most unlikely of colour and pattern combinations and it works. There is the occasional post that I’m just not feeling but I’m with her on 99.9% of her choices and she inspires creative pairings within my own wardrobe.

Katie is currently on holiday in South America so her wardrobe shots from the past couple of weeks are not as inspired as usual due to the fact that you can’t really take 14 pairs of shoes and 55 dresses on vacation with you unless you’re Mariah Carey. Go back into the archives to see her finer sartorial moments and I’m sure she will be back to her former glory once she returns home.


2 Comments on “Katie’s Wardrobe Remixes”

  1. I love that blog! A different outfit for every day of a year though? I dont know what would explode first – my head or my wardrobe!!
    PS-nearly time for Beth!! x

    • Deena says:

      My bank account would surely go bust first!

      Re: Beth- I know, I’m so excited I’ve booked the day off work. What use is holiday time if you ain’t gonna use it?!?!?!!!!!

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