Waving the White Flag

I’ve had enough. I concede defeat, I can fight no more. It was only twelve days ago that I said I would lay off the Beth Ditto for Evans talk until the launch day and I was doing well until this evening when I bought this week’s issues of Look and Grazia. With little over a week to go I should have seen it coming. I know there was recently a press day regarding the line so I should have prepared myself. I didn’t, and now I’m broken.


I saw the pic above and I was like ok- there’s nothing here I’ve not seen before. Technically I’ve not seen the domino leggings before but I knew of their existence so I was like- OK. They are first on my July 9th hitlist so while my pulse elevated I was still OK.

But then I had to go and see this in Look…


Yes there are a couple of other items there that we have not seen before but look at that skirt! I SAID- LOOK AT THAT SKIRT!!!!!!!



21 Comments on “Waving the White Flag”

  1. BuffPuff says:

    Are those … purple leggings with black polkdots I see??!


  2. Frances says:

    Your obsession with Beth Ditto is so funny.

    Can you give me a better look of that slouchy bag featured in Look?

    And please PLEASE don’t hold off on info about her line until the launch date. Some of us aren’t in the UK… some of us need to live vicariously…

    • Deena says:

      OK, you’ve twisted my arm, I’ll keep on reporting *smiles*

      You can get a better look at the bag on the Disney Rollergirl blog here…… http://disneyrollergirl.blogspot.com/2009/06/beth-ditto-for-evans-preview.html

      Click on the image to see it large.

      • Frances says:

        Well, shit.

        I reckon I’ll want at least half of her collection + shipping to the other side of the world = Broke-ass Frances.

      • Deena says:

        Its gonna make me broke without all the shipping charges because there is so much I want. Have you heard about the rare UK 20ps (there are £200,000 worth in circulation) without the date that are going for £5000 on ebay? I went through my coin bank searching for one last night and got very excited when I thought I found one. False alarm.

      • Frances says:

        Hahaha no I had not heard of it, but I think it’s fabulous that you looked for one.

        Perhaps I will pay the Grown Up Way: put it all on my credit card and deal with the consequences later. Who cares about debt when I’ll look this fresh?

  3. hugh manatee says:

    Please tell me that blue ensemble is a jumpsuit…

  4. christina says:

    ugh i get paid on the 10th! i hope most stuff is still available. i know everyone is going to be snatching up stuff left and right on the 9th.

    • Deena says:

      I get paid on the 10th too so I’m just hoping that there will be something left for me then. Please please please please please……

  5. I just hope they stock enough of the “smaller” sizes! It kills me when I fall in love with stuff only to find they’re all out of 16s and I soooo badly want that strapless prom dress! want want want!!

  6. Wow I love so much of it. I want the creeper style shoes, the leather jacket, the cat print dress, and yes the drool worthy denim skirt. Sucks that I can’t get any of it here in Australia though.

    • emily says:

      you can get it in australia! evans ship there.
      ps. i lined up at the store this morning and scored a free lips handbag as i was one of the first 20 people to enter – love it! they’re giving away bags of retro sweets and beth ditto labelled water bottles! only at the oxford street store in marble arch tho. everything is as amazing as you’d think. i bought more than i thought i would and found i loved things that i never even gave a thought to in the pics. the domino dress is my fave i think – super cute!

  7. BigBeauty says:

    OMG the skirt!! I want!! ^^

  8. juliette says:

    $@(#&(!#&! I keep trying to go on the shopping wagon so that I can build up my savings, but y’all keep messin it up! Love the blog by the way – I read it regularly and find your commentary insightful/hilarious/informative. Keep up the fabulous work!

  9. […] I love and I adore how Deena dresses – she’s so stylish) wrote about the collection here. Charlotte at Obesity Timebomb attended the launch and wrote about it here. Beth looks amazing in […]

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