Scallops Are Not Just For Eating

The universe is talking to me. Ever since the SS2009 shows I’ve been noticing scallop edgings in the most unlikely of places like….

…. on the roof of the bandstand in the local park…..

… and on people’s letterboxes.

The only time I’ve ever worn anything with a scallop edging was as a child, in the form of a variety of pointelle type cardigans with the pretty pretty scallop edge that I’ve steered clear of in adulthood. I always thought was a bit naff til I saw these…

Images from

Images from

Suddenly, the twee  scallop edging from my childhood has been given a serious dose of sophistication with no pointelle cardi in sight. To say I love the SS09 collections from Chloe and Christopher Kane would be an understatement as I adore the diaphanous suiting with the dreamlike overlay of discs. The stegosaurus style scallop inserts along the jacket sleeves and trouser side seams, take what would otherwise be plain items to a complete nother level and create a silhouette that looks like its been cut out with pinking shears.

As I’m now on scallop watch, imagine how excited I was to go on my usual traipse around a local fabric store and see these…..

OH MY GOODNESS ME! I stopped dead in my tracks and bought a length of the black INSTANTLY. I was told its called “centipede taffeta” and really- what else could it be called apart from that?! Its not horrible and scratchy like taffeta can sometimes be and its got a soft sheen to it. I’ve made a skirt and even though its taffeta and all centipedey I’m not saving it for special occasions and evenings out- oh no matey bob, I’m wearing this thing whenever the hell I feel like it.

Next stop- hot pink centipede skirt! If you want one in any colour shown, any size, contact me at fatgirlclothes at yahoo dot com and lets talk!


8 Comments on “Scallops Are Not Just For Eating”

  1. Wow that fabric is a total find. Love the skirt. I would make a dress with the fabric…oh wait no, I would buy the fabric and the pattern and then put it in my sewing box and never do anything with it. You go girl for making that amazing skirt.

  2. Frances says:

    I love that outfit! I am jealous of two things:

    1) Your ability to sew. I know the basics of sewing but I have no patience = I won’t improve. I’m always envious of people who can make their own clothes.
    2) Your ability to wear purple. It looks wonderful on your skin tone. Purple kind of makes me look like a ribena berry (

    • Deena says:

      Ha! I have a Ribena berry cuddly toy where you squeeze its belly and you hear the giggling laughter of a million ribenaberries. I will have to incorporate it into my outfit next time I wear purple 🙂

  3. Kath says:

    I’d get all the scallopy bits caught in things. Cos I’m like that.

    LOVE that shade of purple by the way.

  4. Ro says:

    Hey… good going. I really like that scallop fabric. Love the skirt …. Hmmmm.. I would love that pink one and make a mermaid gown with it for some formal event!

  5. Juli says:

    Love the skirt! Your outfit looks great, though I’d go for a pair of shiny high heels, maybe in purple to match the cardi but black is always good too…

  6. Jess says:

    Hey there

    Long time reader, first commenter! Just saw this in Lulu Guinness sale and thought of this post:


    Keep up the good work.


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